Pizza Party Set

Pizza Party Set | American Girl

About a year ago, I got the (now discontinued) American Girl Sleepover Set, which came with a miniature version of an Apples to Apples Junior card game, a bowl of popcorn, two glasses of fruit punch, Snooze-a-Palooza! book, and an American Girl magazine.

This year, my parents got me the new Pizza Party Set, which replaced the American Girl Sleepover Set in 2015. It’s pretty darn cute!

Pizza Party Set

It’s Pizza Party Time!

The set comes with a heart-shaped pizza made up of six removable pieces that fit nicely into a heart-shaped pizza pan, which fits into a pink pizza delivery box. I like that the pan is included, because not only does it keep the slices in heart formation while they’re in the box, you could omit the box and pretend the dolls have made pizza from scratch (especially if you add in some of Grace’s accessories!). I was really impressed by how nicely the pizza came packaged, too! Each slice was individually wrapped to protect the painted toppings – nice job, AG!

The set also comes with two pink paper plates and two pink paper napkins – both of which I don’t think I’ll be using anytime soon. They’re cute, but kind of flimsy.

The two soda-looking cans are actually cherry-flavored sparking water – which I like to think of as being cherry soda. Not as healthy, I know, but I’m not a big fan of flavored sparkling water. The hint of fruit flavor always tastes weird to me (but I love adding slices of strawberry, cucumber, orange, or lemon to water dispensers, so go figure). What’s interesting is AG’s stock photos show the drinks as strawberry-flavored sparkling water (which I’d rather have!). I wonder what made them switch flavors…

The Snooze-a-Palooza! book has been updated to Slumber Wonders, and Apples to Apples has been replaced with Blokus. I LOVE the mini board games of both sets! Especially the fact that they’re complete, working versions of the games! And the new sleepover book is a great addition to my mini library.

All in all, I love this set! It’s perfect for a Saturday night video game and pizza party scene! ;)

Pizza Party Set

Pausing from the game for pizza!

Isabelle: I’m so happy Beast is in this game! He’s my favorite Disney prince!

Arista: Ooooh! In that case, which version of him do you like best? Beast Beast or human Beast?

Isabelle: Oh! Umm… both? I think his human form is handsome!

Pizza Party Set

Lea: I have to admit – the first time I saw Beauty and the Beast, I groaned when I saw his human form. But then he started giving everyone giant group hugs and he was so excited and adorable, he won me over.

Arista: He’s definitely up there on my list of favorite Disney princes, but no one can top Prince Phillip. He is the definition of dreamy.

Isabelle’s Top Five: 1. Beast, 2. Aladdin, 3. Eric, 4. Naveen, 5. Phillip

Lea’s Top Five: 1. Tarzan*, 2. Phillip, 3. Aladdin, 4. Eugene, 5. Beast

Arista’s Top Five: 1. Phillip, 2. Hercules**, 3. Eugene, 4. Beast, 5. Aladdin 

What’s your top five?

*Lea doesn’t care if Tarzan is not a recognized Disney prince. She has had a crush on him since she was little and will gladly recite a long list of reasons why he is the best Disney “prince” of them all. She also may or may not have daydreamed about bumping into him while hiking in Brazil.

**Arista decided that if Tarzan counts, so does Hercules.JenniferSig

Meet Chat d’Or

Margay Cat | American Girl

Even though he’s from Lea’s collection, Arista has pretty much claimed the margay cat – which makes sense considering she’s my mini me. With his mischievous expression, he reminds me a lot of my mom-in-law’s equally mischievous cat, Drake, who’s been my favorite ever since she rescued him and his three brothers as kittens a few years ago.

Arista and Lea

Cats in the Cabinet

When I went to go see Lea’s collection in person, the margay cat was the first thing that really jumped out at me – partially thanks to the new packaging for the soft-bodied animals. The open view box made it easy for me to find a cat with a cute face and good stitching.

Margay Cat

Pick me! Pick me!

The margay cat is a little bigger than Tutu, and not quite as stuffed. Instead, it has a slightly beanie middle, which makes it easier to pose or stay put under Arista’s arm. Unlike Tutu, the margay cat has embroidered eyes (a trend that started with Grace’s French Bulldog last year). They’re a little less realistic, but still cute.

Tutu and Margay Cat

Comparing the Cats

I was finally able to come up with a name for my margay cat this evening. For the past few months, I’ve been on such a Miraculous Ladybug kick, I thought it’d be fun to incorporate “Chat” into his name, after “Chat Noir,” the impish half of the show’s crime-fighting duo. I settled on “Chat d’Or” since his coat is different shades of gold, or just “Chat” for short.

Is it weird to give a cat from Brazil a French name? Maybe, but since he’s Arista’s cat and Arista’s got Grace’s hair and tends to use Grace’s things the most out of all the others, I think it works. ;)JenniferSig

OOTD – Hot Pink Pizzazz

Outfit of the Day – Lea

Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to get ready, right?

Lea looks fantastic in bright colors, so naturally, Saige’s Sparkle Dress looks amazing on her! It matches the pink of her braided headband, earrings, and bracelet as well.

…Yup, her braided headband and wish bracelet from her accessories set! My mom got a set for her Lea and surprised me with a set, too! The headband is pretty nice – a little difficult to get on (like many of AG’s braided headbands), but a little easier if you leave a section of hair at the base of her head and put the headband around the rest (3/4 of the way around instead of completely around, if that makes sense).

Lea Close Up

Perfect in Hot Pink!

Saige’s Sparkle Dress originally came with short gold boots, but the pink shoes from Maryellen’s Birthday Dress are a pretty good match, too! And Maryellen’s crinoline can be added (I pulled it up higher) to add extra pink and poof.

Valentine's Day LeaHot Pink Pizzazz

Dress: Maryellen’s Birthday Dress

Accessories: Maryellen’s crinoline, Lea’s earrings, wish bracelet, and braided headband

Shoes: Pink shoes from Maryellen’s Birthday Dress set

Valentine's Day Lea

Ready for Valentine’s Day (A few weeks early…)

I’m really loving Lea’s book so far – which isn’t too surprising, given how much I loved Aloha, Kanani. Lisa Yee is easily one of my favorite AG authors. Her characters are so easy to relate to and I love the descriptive language she uses. I have about half of the book to go, but I highly recommend it. It’s a quick, fun read. :)JenniferSig

Lea and Kanani [PICTURE HEAVY]

Lea Clark, Girl of the Year 2016 & Kanani Akina, Girl of the Year 2011 | American Girl

One of the reasons Lea wasn’t on my radar when she was first announced is I was afraid she’d be too similar to Kanani. Now that I have both, I’m happy to say that this is not the case at all!

Lea and Kanani in Grace's Meet Outfit

Lea (GOTY 2016) and Kanani (GOTY 2011) in Grace’s Meet Outfit (GOTY 2015)

Let’s start with their eyes. American Girl loves using hazel eyes for their dolls, and because I already have two others with hazel eyes – Isabelle and Kanani – I was a little hesitant to get Lea and make my collection so hazel-heavy. Lea’s hazel eyes are fairly close to my Isabelle’s – which is a little strange. I’ve often had a hard time photographing Isabelle’s eyes – they usually end up a little darker than they really are, but Lea’s eyes are really easy to photograph. Maybe it’s something about the different molds?

Lea's hazel eyes are brighter

Lea’s eyes – very similar to Isabelle’s (maybe with lighter green streaks?)

Kanani's darker hazel eyes

Kanani’s eyes are primarily a dark sage green with flecks of bright green and dark brown

Kanani’s hazel eyes are markedly different – darker brownish green with flecks of bright green. Both dolls seem to have a very similar shade of brown for their eyebrows, though.

Lea and Kanani's Hair

Hair Color Comparison

There’s a definite difference in their hair colors. Lea’s hair is slightly lighter and has more of a golden tone to it, while Kanani’s is more of a true light brown. Lea’s also has more defined highlights while Kanani’s hair looks more uniform.

Medium Vinyl Variations

Medium Vinyl Color Variations

Lea and Kanani have very similar skin tones. Lea’s looks slightly lighter and redder to me, but as you can see in the picture above, the two are very close. When I was taking this comparison picture, I discovered something new about my Lea doll…


A fingerprint!

It looks like someone handled this Lea before her vinyl was completely hardened. It’s pretty hard to see – which is probably why it passed inspection. I only found it when I was holding her hand to pose her and wondered why her hand felt more rough than my other dolls’. It’s not enough of an issue to make me want to return her – I don’t know if I’d be able to find another Lea with a face I like as much as this one, and even if I did, who knows if she’d have another issue instead. I like to think of it as the person who made this Lea was so impressed by how nicely she turned out, they added their thumbprint as a signature.

Anyway – while all of this picture-taking was happening, someone was having fun trying on Lea’s clothes…

Arista in Lea's Clothes

Tah dah!

Not bad, but I think Lea still wears it the best. ;)JenniferSig

TBT – Arista Then and Now

Arista Then and Now

Arista Then and Now

Just a quick post for “Throwback Thursday”! Sometimes I forget that Arista was once a My American Girl #53. She looks so different now that she has Grace’s wig, some painted on freckles, and most recently, added eyeliner! Whodathunkit!?

Arista Gets Wings!

EDIT – 1/20:

So… the more I looked at Arista’s eyeliner, the more it reminded me of anime eyes – which I like, but for her, I wanted something a little more realistic. So, I tried to use the light paint under the wingtips to make the wings thinner. Long story short, it did not look good, and the brush I had been using was starting to work against me. So! Tonight I removed the paint with acetone-free nail polish remover and redid the wings:

Attempt #3

Not perfect, but not quite as intense as before.

Ugh! Remind me never to attempt this again!


Winged eyeliner, that is!

Arista's new eyeliner

If only I could do my makeup like this…

Let me backup a little.

Sienna has Grace’s new, shapely eyebrows; Marinette has the same awesome eyebrows and added eyeshadow; and Lea has Grace-brows 2.0 – which are so nice, I wish could get my eyebrows to look like hers! As you can imagine, Arista was starting to feel a little left out.

I had been toying with the idea of giving her eyeliner for awhile now – especially after seeing so many beautiful custom dolls with added eyeliner. And since she’s my mini me, I don’t mind her looking older than the others, so I thought eyeliner would be a good way to go all around.

Yesterday, I decided to give it a shot!

Penciling in the eyeliner

Pencil makes perfect

I looked at a lot of pictures of customs with eyeliner and the one thing that really seemed to make or break the look was the angle of the wings. I decided to pencil in a thin guideline to make sure I kept the wingtips looking as identical as possible. It made the process slightly less nerve-wracking (it’s really scary adding more face paint to a doll that you’re already really happy with!). I used a dark brown acrylic paint for the eyeliner and a light tan paint for just above. This helped me keep the eyeliner looking sharp and allowed me to cover any mistakes (and the tan looks like a light eyeshadow).

Side View

Another View

I went back and tweaked the eyeliner and eyeshadow slightly after they initially dried, but now I’m pretty happy with Arista’s new look. Even though I don’t typically have winged eyelids, myself, I gave Arista this style because my eyelashes tend to fan out to the sides for a similar look. I didn’t trust myself to be able to paint even, thin, single eyelashes, so this was a good alternative.

Full View of Arista

Fancy Faces

Honestly, that’s one paint job I’m not sure I would attempt again haha… I was so afraid of giving Arista uneven eyeliner, and the paint REALLY takes hold almost instantly (or at least that’s been my experience). It’s a nice effect once it’s complete, though – Arista looks much more lively now! :)

Lea – Girl of the Year 2016

Lea Clark, Girl of the Year 2016 | American Girl

I decided to try something a little different this time to introduce the newest doll in my collection… It’s the first time I’ve attempted a video, so I apologize for any weird sound or shakiness. Click play below to meet my Lea!

It’s funny – when I saw the stock photos of her, I thought, “Tch, I’ll pass.” Then, when I saw her in person the first time, that changed to “Okay, she is really pretty, but that’s okay…” And then the second time I saw her in person, I had to admit that she was just too awesome to pass up. ♥JenniferSig