OOTD – Double Trouble

Outfit of the Day – Arista

Ahhhhhh, it’s been FOREVER since I posted! A lot has happened! My mom-in-law moved up to the mountains and my husband and I helped her get her three Maine Coons – and one new, very young rescue kitten – up the mountain (and drove back down the winding road while it was pitch black at night – I don’t think I ever want to do that again). I bought a Disneyland Rose and it’s been struggling to survive since it arrived (/CRY). My mom found us a $20 entry table that’s at least $180 cheaper than anything I’d found and is exactly what I was looking for – and we found a cheap La-Z-Boy chair for our den (so now people don’t have to use uncomfortable folding chairs hehe…).

I also finally saw all the Lea and Wellie Wishers stuff at Kohl’s! A big THANK YOU to Jen and everyone on Instagram for spreading the word! I’m not usually around that section of the store, so I would’ve never known otherwise! I snagged Lea’s Celebration Outfit – which I’ve been meaning to get for awhile now.

And since Lea is now rocking her Celebration Outfit, I decided I should change up Arista’s look as well – to something a bit more Halloween-y!

Arista in her "Double Trouble" outfit of the day
All the colors of Halloween

I might eventually swap everyone out into historical stuff, so it at least looks like they’re dressing up in costume. I really need to get more holiday outfits! I decided to use the butterflies last second, and gave Arista tight braids that I could shape and make it appear like one of the butterflies was lifting her hair up.

Arista's Outift of the Day
Double Trouble

Top: Grace’s Sightseeing Top, McKenna’s Warm-Up Jacket

Shorts: Grace’s City Shorts

Accessories: Lea’s earrings, Grace’s striped bow and headband, Samantha’s meet necklace, butterfly hair clips

Shoes: Isabelle’s meet shoes

I’m also finally catching up on all of the rumors, leaked photos, and new details! It really does look like Felicity will be next out of the archives, which is super exciting! I think I read her books the most as a kid – probably because we both LOVED horses.❤

All right, back to getting ready for the week ahead. These weekends go way too fast! Happy Sunday!

Cherokee Butterfly Hair Clips


Cherokee Butterfly Hair Clips |  found at Target (in-store and online)

Good Grief, Charlie Brown, how has it been a month since my last post!?

Like I mentioned on Instagram, there’s been lots going on — my mom-in-law is selling her house, we’ve been trying to unpack more boxes and get organized (since it’s almost been a year since we moved in and it’s starting to get embarrassing lol…), and I pulled a muscle in my chest and it’s taking forever to heal. Blegh.

But, I found something fun yesterday, so I had to post.😉

Have you ever treated yourself to something small and been cheered up way more than you expected to be? That’s the effect these cute butterfly bow hair clips at Target had on me. I’ve seen them a few times while running errands, but finally decided to get them yesterday. Today, Arista begged to let her try one on (and to change her outfit to match)!

Outfit of the Day


The butterfly bows come in a pack of two for $5.00 — not bad for how nice these are. The clip part is covered in ribbon, but doesn’t seem to slip out of Arista’s hair easily. The colors are vibrant, the bows are nicely gathered and tied, and the edges seem to be finished well. I don’t see any signs of fraying.

Butterfly Clip Up Close

Close Up

These clips were part of a toddler hair accessories end-cap at my local Target, but you can also find them online (along with another set that’s on clearance and has a bit more variety). I’m happy I finally broke down and got them. They’re a fun and unexpected touch.🙂

Speaking of fun and unexpected, did you get an email from American Girl about Rewards Members getting early access to Melody? It’s an interesting move! Grant early access to your most passionate fans, they purchase Melody and flood social media with amazing pictures of her, more people see her and fall madly in love, and official release day comes and people rush out to buy her! It’ll be interesting to see if they use this tactic in the future, too.

I think it’s smart! We’ve got some amazing photographers in the community, and even for the novice photographers, you really get a sense of how much everyone loves collecting these dolls through their photos and the stories they tell. I’m excited to see pictures! *_*JenniferSig

Mini Finds Galore!


Mini Wiimotes, Plushies, and Ariel “necklace” |  found at an anime convention

Anime Expo Haul

Fun Finds Galore!

You never know what you’ll find in an anime convention’s Dealers Hall! Last year I was able to find a Sailor Moon plush and this year, I found even more fun things to spoil my dolls with!

Wiimote Keychain

Wii would like to play!

First up – Wiimote keychains! I’ve seen these a few times at past cons, but have usually passed on getting them because I primarily play games on PS3 and PS4. But that said, I do have good memories of the Wii, and when I worked in the games industry, I even tested a few games for the system.

Arista and Lea playing Ace Attorney

Controllers Ready!

I decided to get two in case I want to make scenes with multiplayer games, like Super Smash Brothers Brawl. For now, I had to start with one of my favorite Wii (and DS) games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (it’s such an amazing series!!!).

Mini Plushies

Tiny Creatures from the Sea!

Next up – these tiny sea creature plushies! They’re meant to hang from a backpack, but they’re just the right size to be beanies for dolls (I might cut off the elastic later to make this more apparent). A lot of booths were selling these and there were a variety to choose from – sea creatures, dinosaurs, cats, dogs, jungle animals, farm animals, birds, and more! I got the jellyfish because it reminded me of “Clara” from Princess Jellyfish (one of my absolute favorite anime series), and the pink one (kind of reminds me of Pearl from Finding Nemo) had such a cute face, I couldn’t pass it up!

Lea and Pikachu

Pikachu! I choose you!

There were so many different Japanese Pokemon plushies floating around, but this one was so ridiculously cute and soft, I needed to bring him home with me! As you can see from the first picture, he’s about the same size as Chat, so he’s not a bad scale for the dolls.

Ariel Necklace

Disney Store Japan has all the cute things!

And lastly, this “necklace.” I originally bought this Ariel bracelet for myself, but it’s kind of delicate and if I snagged it or something, it’s not like I could easily replace it. So instead, I thought I’d use it as a necklace for my dolls and enjoy it that way. Looks pretty good on Lea!

I’m pretty happy with everything I found! I honestly didn’t expect to see so many things that worked well for AG doll scale. There were a few things I ultimately passed on because they cost more than I was willing to pay (e.g. some other styles of controllers, plushies, etc.), but it’s nice to know such a variety of things exists.

I’m hoping this weekend I can photograph some new scenes using a few of these new items.🙂JenniferSig

Starbucks Disneyland Cup Ornament


Starbucks Disneyland Cup Ornament |  found at the Disneyland Resort

Arista with Disneyland Cup

A Disneyland Cup for Warmer Weather

As promised, I’m back with the other mini thing I got from my last trip to Disneyland – a Starbucks Disneyland cup ornament! I saw these during the previous Disneyland trip (when I got the Disneyland mug ornament) but decided against getting the cup because I already have two plain Starbucks cup ornaments.

…And then I took another look at them during my latest trip, and decided if I have Disneyland food for my dolls, it wouldn’t hurt to have a drink cup, too.😉

Close up of the Disneyland cup

Close Up of the Cup

These ornaments are also $12.95 each, which I feel makes sense for the ceramic mugs, but a little less for these cups. They really are just the usual Starbucks cup ornaments with an added Disney Parks image printed on the side. Honestly, if this was an ornament for any other place, I wouldn’t have done it, but Disneyland’s got a lot of happy memories for me, so… nostalgia tax lol. I am still really happy I got one. It’ll add a nice finishing touch to the next Disneyland scene I put together.

I’ve got more finds that I’m hoping to share soon! My husband and I just got back from Anime Expo, so we’re a tad pooped haha.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July tomorrow! I didn’t get a chance to decorate this year, but hopefully by the time Halloween rolls around I’ll have things a bit more squared away at home.🙂JenniferSig

Photo Story: Lea Goes to Disneyland


Lea Goes to Disneyland

When Lea read A Peek into the Pantry’s post about Maryellen visiting Disneyland, she was smitten! It looked like Maryellen had a fantastic time enjoying the sights and tastes of the 60-year-old “Magic Kingdom!”

When she found out my husband and I were planning to go to Disneyland soon, she begged and pleaded to tag along. But unfortunately, there was no way to fit her in the mini backpack I planned to bring.

“No problem! I think I have a solution!” She had said before rushing off quickly.

The day of the trip arrived, and just as I was about to walk out the door, a tiny but familiar voice caught me.

“Hey! Wait for me!”

I’m still not entirely sure how she managed to do it, (though a mysterious charge on my card from “Fairy Godmother Magic Goods” gives me a bit of a clue), but Lea managed to shrink herself into just the right size to inconspicuously fit in my backpack.

So I let her come along — and she was thrilled!

Mini Lea at Disneyland

Hello from VERY SUNNY Disneyland!

Lea loved every sight, sound and smell, and she managed to take a lot of great pictures with her camera — which she had somehow also shrunk. Here are a few of her favorites…

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is draped in blue banners and sparkling strings of “diamonds” to celebrate the park’s 60th birthday, the “Diamond Celebration.” Even the rooftops are covered in glittering jewels and silver details. Lea was able to get a pretty good shot by standing on the railing just in front of these roses.

Disneyland Roses

The Disneyland Rose

Speaking of roses, here’s a picture of Disneyland’s official rose. Isn’t it pretty? I really want to get one for my backyard.

Lea at the Matterhorn


Lea really loved riding the Matterhorn! Technically, she was shorter than the “42” or taller” height restriction, but I don’t think that actually counts for dolls anyway. A little over a year ago, the Matterhorn underwent refurbishing that introduced a new, more realistic abominable snowman, and MAN, it’s about 1,000 times scarier-looking than the old one! You can see for yourself by watching this Disney Parks video from 2014 and Inside the Magic’s Matterhorn update video from 2015.

Begging Ducks

“Please, sir, we want some more…”

Being so close to the ground, Lea was able to get a lot of great shots of Disneyland’s ducks! This trio was begging for food by giving everyone nearby the cutest puppy dog eyes ever.

Baby Duck

Tiny, Fluffy, and Adorable!

And here’s one of the newest Disneyland ducks, born about a week ago. Disneyland was full of young ducklings (and mother ducks keeping a close eye on them).

We all had a fantastic time, and spent the next day looking through all the photos we’d taken.

I absolutely LOVED Gwen‘s idea of bringing a doll with her to the parks, so I had to try it for myself!🙂

I did have a few other photos with mini Lea, but they didn’t turn out as nice as I’d hoped. I’ll just have to bring her with me more places and keep practicing!

Lea wasn’t the only mini thing in my backpack by the end of the day. I’ll show you what else I got on my trip to Disneyland next time. Have a great weekend!

REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fob


REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fob |  found at Kohl’s (in-store and online)

Lea sports the blue bag

New and Blue!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is enjoying the three day weekend — especially all who have served. Thank you for everything you do.❤

Back in April, my mom and I found REED’s mini handbag key fobs at Kohl’s, and I snagged this magenta one. A couple of weeks later, I decided they were such well-designed bags for the price, I had to get a second one.

So, I got the REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fob in “Ink Blue White” (currently on sale at Kohl’s (and on Kohls.com) for $16.50).

Blue Bag front

Bag Front Detail

The Boxer handbag has a little more detail than the Atlantique version. The blue one I chose has white, dark blue and light blue accents as well as two nonfunctional metal rings on the front.

Inside the bag

Inside the Bag

Like the Atlantique version, the Boxer bag is also nicely lined with the same material as the human-sized bags, but unlike the Atlantique version, this bag has a tab closure in the middle.

Blue bag back

Bag Back

The back of the bag has one large lined pocket.

Arista and Lea with bags


Both handbags are bright and fun — just the thing to complete Arista and Lea’s outfits.

Have a great weekend, everyone!🙂JenniferSig

Starbucks “You Are Here” Disneyland Mug Ornament


Starbucks “You Are Here” Disneyland Mug Ornament |  found at the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Mug

One tiny coffee, please!

I’m finally back with an update — and a new find!

I recently went to the Disneyland Resort with my mom and we found ornament versions of the Disneyland Starbucks-exclusive “You Are Here” mugs! These ornaments and their human-sized counterparts are only sold at the Main Street, U.S.A. Starbucks at Disneyland. I managed to get the large version on a trip last year, and now my dolls have one!

Large and Small Disneyland Mugs

A Perfect Likeness!

Once the blue cord is removed, the ornament is a perfect miniature match to the real mug — right down to the box it comes in!

Disneyland Mugs

The Back Sides

If you photographed these separately on a blank background, the only way you’d be able to tell which one was the ornament would be by the thickness of the mug handle. The ornament’s handle is slightly thicker and more shallow than the real thing.

Lea with the Disneyland Mug

A BIG Cup of Coffee!

The human-sized mug is somewhat larger than typical mugs, so for me, the fact that the ornament is a little bigger than a typical doll mug isn’t really a deal-breaker for me. It’s definitely too heavy for a doll to hold, but it’d look great on a table near her.

At $12.95 each, these ornaments are definitely a bit of a splurge, but I couldn’t pass up having an exact miniature version of one of my favorite mugs.JenniferSig