TrulyMe #64 and the Toys”R”Us Adventures

TrulyMe #64 | American Girl

Holy moly, it’s been a long time! A LOT has happened since I wrote last!

My mom and I finally visited the nearest Toys”R”Us selling American Girl dolls – a couple of times, actually! At first we were only mildly interested in going – we were curious to see the permanent underwear in person, but also thought it’d be nice to get any outfits and accessories we wanted without having to pay for shipping. Then we found out that most of the Toys”R”Us stores were carrying dolls with the old-style bodies – neck strings and all – and suddenly we had a new mission: find the dolls we had been wanting to get before they were switched to the new bodies!

And yes, while I agree that “permapanties” aren’t the absolute worst thing American Girl has ever done, after seeing them in person, they are a deal-breaker for me. For me, it’s a uniformity thing – neck strings vs zip ties don’t bother me, but having a body with a different structure (even if the major differences wouldn’t be visible at all times) would. And I’ve already managed to snag most of my dolls’ underwear – I can just imagine what the new body fabric would look like after awhile.

I really did try to keep an open mind before seeing the new bodies in person. I was hoping I’d see that the changes weren’t that noticeable…

NOPE. I think the new body actually photographs better than it looks in person. Not only is the fabric noticeably thinner in person, the ribbon serving as the “underwear band” looks especially stupid. It doesn’t really do much to create the illusion of underwear – to me, it just looked like random trim tacked around the doll’s two-tone waist. And it’s not even cute ribbon! Did they really need “AMERICAN GIRL AMERICAN GIRL HEY JUST SO YOU KNOW THIS IS AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL” ribbon? I’ve seen people refer to it as “Calvin Klein” underwear and I agree!

Thankfully, the doll I was interested in getting, TrulyMe #64, had the old-style body. I found one with a really sweet expression and brought her home!

She was soon to become a custom that I’d been wanting to make since I first learned customizing American Girl dolls was even a possibility! But I’ll get into that in the next post. First, let’s take a look at #64!

TrulyMe 64


TrulyMe #64 is such a beautiful doll! As much as I love the Jess mold, I really love it with the Ivy-style eyes. They’re the cherry on top to an already cute face! I was really thankful to be able to choose a #64 in person, because I did notice that a few of the dolls either had one eye socket that was smaller than the other or had an eye that was facing to the side slightly.

#64’s wig is very manageable – the length is a little longer than #62’s, making it a little easier to do pigtails or a ponytail, but with the same silkiness and thickness. I also like that it’s parted to one side (I’m not a big fan of middle parts).

Her dark brown eyes and her sweet expression really made it hard to turn #64 into a custom – even one I’d been wanting to make for years!  So… I ended up getting a second #64. I might change her wig, but overall she won’t change as drastically.

My mom ended up getting a #64 as well. She’s really too cute to resist!

It’s interesting to see how many people are trying to buy up dolls with the old style bodies. I really hope this sends a message to American Girl. I wasn’t looking to add multiple dolls to my collection this year – I have a finite amount of space to store anything, and I wanted to have room to add future dolls (especially if they ever made a doll from 1994 – we’d likely be the same age!). But I’d rather have the higher quality dolls and customize them to fit what I want than settle for their new standard.

I am really glad about one change though – I’m happy American Girl has started having dolls available in more local stores. It’s so nice to get to see the dolls, clothing, and accessories in person – and much easier to see how big some of these pieces are! Had I not been able to see the dolls in person before buying, I definitely wouldn’t have taken a chance on buying any online. The local store displays may not be as nice (or as tidy) as in American Girl stores, but the presentation doesn’t change the product for me (that is, as long as the product remains high quality).JenniferSig


Ready for Spring!

I am failing at decorating for the holidays this year! I missed New Year’s, barely did anything for Valentine’s Day, and didn’t do anything for St. Patrick’s Day… I can’t let another holiday go by without decorating!!

So, I’m starting early for Easter and getting my dolls ready for spring!


Talia looking Rapunzel-ish!Flower-filled Braids!

I saw these paper flowers on sale at Michael’s today and they instantly reminded me of the flowers Rapunzel wears in her braid when she spends a day in the village. Each of these blooms is connected to a thin wire, so it made it easy to weave them into her hair and adjust them.

Talia looking Rapunzel-ishLet’s go exploring!

I should take a picture of her like this with the Disneyland backdrop. She looks like she’s “Disneybounding” as Rapunzel. ;D


Cécile looking spring-yReady for a nature walk

I love how Cécile can pull off casual clothes as well as she can fancier outfits. I haven’t found anything yet that doesn’t look amazing on her. I thought it’d be fun to dress her like she’s ready for a spring day out and about – maybe on a nature walk or visiting the zoo. I’m really happy the green belt from Lea’s Hiking Outfit isn’t attached to the capris. I like it better with the pair that come with Maryellen’s Play Outfit.


Arista in Tenney's Picnic OutfitTenney who? 😉

I finally got to see Tenney and her collection at Kohl’s! It’s strange – in person, Tenney’s eyes didn’t seem as reddish as they often photograph. I did notice that some of the Tenney dolls had slightly off lips (like one side was painted taller than the other), but for the most part they looked good.

I was really tempted by a lot of Tenney’s items – her pjs, her dog, her guitar and banjo – but I ended up settling on her Picnic Outfit and Hat & Necklace.  I like the shorts, hat and necklace on Arista, but I’m not completely sold on the shirt. I think a tank top or loose sweatshirt would fit her style better. I want to try this set on Noelle next, but in the meantime…


Noelle in Lea's DressLight and Airy

I really love how Noelle looks in this dress – I think I might even like it better on her than on Lea! The flower she’s wearing is originally from a Magic Attic Club set (Rose’s Island Outfit). It’s too bad Magic Attic outfits don’t fit American Girl dolls – I have a blue-green dress (also Rose’s) that would look amazing on Noelle!

Talia and NoelleLooking Good!

And now that everyone’s dressed, it’s time to bust out the chocolate bunnies and pink tulips from Kit’s and Samantha’s LE sets and make everything look Easter-y! 😀

Have a great weekend!JenniferSig

More of Talia

Talia Leighton | Custom American Girl Doll (Rebecca Rubin doll with added face paint and Beautifully Custom wig)

Since I took so many photos of Talia yesterday, I thought I’d make a quick post with some more of them…

Talia LeightonSO. MUCH. HAIR!

Talia LeightonOne of my favorite shots

Close up of TaliaI think I got a little bit of glue on her lips (hard to tell unless in a certain light)

Talia LeightonAs Rebecca, she sometimes had a hard time standing. As Talia, her hair is so long, it sometimes complicates matters as well.

Talia LeightonOnce she’s balanced, she stays standing (for awhile, anyway 🙂 )

My goal for today is to get my errands done, then maybe have enough time to start getting everyone dressed for Easter. Have a great Sunday!JenniferSig

Meet Talia!

Talia Leighton | Custom American Girl Doll (Rebecca Rubin doll with added face paint and Beautifully Custom wig)

Introducing my newest custom doll, Miss Talia Leighton!

Talia LeightonNow with 70% more hair!

What an adventure this new girl’s hair has been! As I mentioned in my last post, I lost her new wig somewhere (it STILL hasn’t shown up!), so I had to order a second one from Beautifully Custom.

I never actually got a chance to take the first one out of the bag, so I didn’t know just how amazing these Beautifully Custom wigs are until the second one arrived last week! I am so impressed!! It’s thick, super soft, and luxurious – it’s nicer than human-sized wigs I’ve owned! It’s easily the highest quality doll wig I’ve worked with.

That said, it was also probably the most difficult I’ve tried to glue on. The wig cap fits perfectly, but because it’s such a perfect fit, it’s also really snug. Even with my husband’s help, it was hard to position the wig for a side part and pull it into place (maybe we’re just not skilled enough lol). I didn’t get her hair part over as much as I wanted, but at this point, I’m just happy to have the wig glued at all.

Talia close upA hint of freckles!

After putting the wig on, I realized how much she reminded me of Rapunzel with her greenish eyes and long, blonde hair – which works for me, because Rapunzel is one of my absolute favorite Disney princesses! So, I decided to make her even more Rapunzel-y by adding a few tiny freckles across her nose. This time I used more fabric medium than paint, making the freckles turn out a little more varied and realistic, but unfortunately also making them a bit shiny. In a certain light, they almost look like sparkles haha… Oh well, she can just have magic freckles instead of magic hair!

Then she needed a name. I decided I didn’t want to make her a character doll like I did Marinette, so “Rapunzel” was out. I almost went with a flower name, like “Calla” or “Lily,” but wasn’t totally sold. Then I thought it might be nice to have a nod to another of my favorite fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty. One of my favorite “modern” retellings, A Kiss in Time, by Alex Flinn, has a green-eyed Sleeping Beauty, which I thought would be very fitting.

In Flinn’s version, Sleeping Beauty is named “Talia,” which is a nod to the earliest versions of the Sleeping Beauty tale. Like many fairy tales, the earliest version of Sleeping Beauty is pretty freaking terrible. Without going into too much detail, the charming prince we’re used to is actually a womanizing king who takes advantage of the young, sleeping maiden, and later kills his wife so he can be free to marry her. GOOD STUFF.

I debated using “Talia” because of its origins, but the modern story is one of my favorites, and I do really like the name, so I decided to go ahead and use it. And, as my husband pointed out, every name is going to have some kind of negative connotation to it. In this case, the crappy version is so antiquated, no one really knows about it (yay!).

Talia Full ViewLovely in lavender, pink, and aqua

For her last name, I thought about tying in another fairy tale reference, like using the last names of some of my favorite fairy tale authors, but nothing fit quite right. Then I thought about using a painter’s name (a nod back to Rapunzel) and I immediately thought of Edmund Blair Leighton, one of my absolute favorite artists. I first learned about him when I was in college. I used to hang out at the library before class (mostly reading their copy of 101 Stories of the Great Ballets), and one morning I came in and they had posters of his and a few other artists’ works on display. I saw The Accolade and fell head over heels. There’s still a giant poster of it hanging in my old room at my parents house.

I’m not sure what Talia’s backstory will be yet (as you can see, it took forever just to come up with her NAME!), but I might have her do something with painting or storytelling. Maybe I’ll rewatch Rapunzel or skim through A Kiss in Time to get a few ideas… 😉

Have a great weekend!JenniferSig

Off With Her Hair!

Formerly Rebecca Rubin | American Girl

Yup… I did the thing!

Formerly Rebecca


As much as I like Rebecca’s wig, I have a lot of brunettes in my collection and I really wanted to have a doll with a true blonde wig. Right now Lea is the closest I have to blonde (her official description calls her hair “light brown,” but it’s always looked more like a dark blonde to me). Luckily, Beautifully Custom recently restocked their wigs and that gave me the final push to re-wig Rebecca.

The shaded blonde wig I chose came about a week ago, but in the span of a week, I somehow managed to misplace it. We’re talking it-disappeared-into-thin-air lost. I turned my tiny condo upside down trying to find it yesterday, but it’s nowhere to be seen. SO I placed another order and when the new wig comes, Ms. Formerly Rebecca will get her real hair. For now, she’ll have to make due with Arista’s old wig.

I have a love-hate relationship with this wig. When I bought #53 to turn her into my mini me (now Arista), I almost didn’t go through with it because she looked so cute with her original wig. However… that wig refused to fluff and stay fluffed, and instead fell flat against her face. So, it quickly got the axe and I moved ahead with my customizing plans.

Two years later, not much has changed…

Flat Wig

I want fluffy, not flat!

Here’s the natural state of this wig – flat and unflattering. It photographs a lot better than in looks in person. Still, it does show me that this girl will look pretty cute when all is said and done! Which is good, because there’s always that moment when you’re removing the doll’s wig and you think “Am I making a mistake? What if she doesn’t look as cute? What am I doing?!” 😉

Formerly Rebecca

Rebecca on the day she arrived

And if I ever want to see her in her original state, there’s always my mom’s Rebecca. 🙂

Have a great Sunday! My husband and I are finally going to see Beauty and the Beast tonight! I’m so excited!!JenniferSig

A Last from the Past

Rebecca Rubin (for now), 1914 | American Girl

A couple of weeks ago, I made what will likely be my final doll purchase directly from American Girl. Like so many others, I’m not happy with many of the choices American Girl has been making to their dolls, and I wanted to make sure I got one of what has become the “old style” dolls before their newer shipments arrive. Needless to say, this wasn’t quite as happy of a purchase as my others have been.

Rebecca Rubin


Rebecca arrived last Friday and she everything an American Girl doll ought to be. She has neck strings that are tied tight, but allow her head to move side to side without effort; the vinyl of her head and limbs are hard; and her body is nice and plump. I did get her with the intention of turning her into another custom, but her wig is so nice, I’m losing a bit of my resolve haha. Either way, she’ll probably become a new character – I have a cousin named Rebecca and it’s a little weird having a doll with the same name as a family member (for me, anyway). And like the rest of my dolls, she’ll be modern with the ability to time travel.

I really don’t want Rebecca to be the last doll I buy directly from American Girl, but I want all of the dolls in my collection to have the same bodies. It’ll be interesting to see what the custom TrulyMe’s are like. If they do end up being like the regular TrulyMe’s – permapanties and all – but with slightly more customization options and a higher price tag, I definitely won’t bother. I hope we learn more about that option soon.

Photo Story: Cécile Goes to Disneyland


Cécile Goes to Disneyland

Cécile: I can’t believe I’m actually here! At DISNEYLAND! It truly is more wonderful than I could’ve imagined! …Mmm, such wonderful smells wafting from the shops on Main Street! I wonder if they sell pralines…

Cécile at Disneyland

Arista: Hey, Cécile! We’re here! Sorry we’re late – the line to park was INSANE!

Lea: Yeah, it might get pretty crowded today…

Noelle: Oh, but don’t worry! We’ll make sure you get to see everything! Arista and I are FastPass PROS!

Sienna: Uh… Cécile? What are you staring at?

Cécile: *awestruck* Everything. This place is heavenly…

Cécile and Friends

Sienna: *laughs* Well, just wait – it gets even more amazing! You haven’t seen the rides yet!

Lea: Speaking of which, what would you like to go on first, Cécile?

Cécile: Hmm… something worthy of being a first ride! Something that no one else has ever gone on as their very first ride! What’s the fastest, scariest thing here?

Noelle and Friends

Noelle: Whoa – are you sure? Umm, well… there’s Space Mountain! It’s a roller coaster that’s completely in the dark! It makes you feel like you’re zooming across the galaxy, and it drops and whips around to this really cool music!

Lea: Matterhorn’s pretty fast, too! And there’s a super-realistic abominable snowman that swipes at your bobsled!

Cécile: *gulp!* Oh, t-those both sound very first ride-worthy! With outer space and the abominable bobsleds… and the dark and stuff… Uh… I-I can’t decide…

Arista: How about both? We can walk past Matterhorn on the way to Space Mountain and see which line is shorter, then while we’re at Space, we can grab some FastPasses in case we want to ride again later, but not have to wait in a crazy-long line!

Arista and Friends

Cécile: Super*quietly* Umm… N-Not that I’m nervous or anything, but just how scary are these rides?

Arista: *laughs* Don’t worry, six-year-olds go on them all the time. I don’t think anything at Disneyland could really qualify as scary.

Lea: What about Monstro the whale on the Pinocchio ride? The way it jumps out at you from behind that rock? That thing TERRIFIED me as a kid!

Arista: Oh, me too!

Cécile and Friends

Cécile: I-I was thinking – we shouId probably eat breakfast first, non? I mean, better to not have our stomachs growling louder than the snowman!

Noelle: Sounds like a plan! Ooh! I could go for some beignets! Café Orleans has those Mickey-shaped ones! What do you guys think?

Cécile: Oui! A few tasty beignets are sure to calm my nerves! I-I mean – to the café!

Cécile and Friends

It’s been awhile since I made a photo story! Five dolls is definitely a record… and it made for some interesting issues. When one doll falls, she takes everyone else with her! I also realized I don’t have as many amusement-park-worthy outfits as I thought. I’ll have to change that! 😉JenniferSig