Truly Me Celebration Dress

Truly Me Celebration Dress | American Girl

When images of the Celebration Dress first appeared, my initial thought was, “GEE, THAT LOOKS KINDA FAMILIAR, AG *COUGH COUGH*.” …But then my second thought was, “Add to wish list. *click*”

(To be honest, I’m not exactly sure where I put the bodice I was working on two years ago – not to mention the tulle for the skirt…)

But anyway, back to the Celebration Dress! It’s definitely much nicer in person than it appears in stock photos. Online, the “belt” portion looked like it was made from long silver sequins, so I was very excited to find they were actually rhinestones!

Mia in the Celebration Dress

A ballerina-ish celebration princess

The gold and rhinestone tiara is a little tight, but I really like it. I’m happy it’s a headband instead of another tiara/comb combination (I never seem to get those to sit properly). The shoes are super cute – sparkly gold flats with cream-colored elastic ribbon loops that end with little bows at the back. I can see these getting a lot of use. The little pearl bracelet is nice addition, too.

The dress itself is part princess, part ballerina, and a hint of bridal. It reminds me of The Most Amazing Dress in the Universe (TM), a.k.a. the Elie Saab dress that I love so much:

Elie Saab dress

Even the shoes are kinda similar!

But it does have a couple of areas I think could have been executed a little better…

The bodice has a somewhat strange silhouette. It’s not really straight across, it’s not really scalloped… it’s slightly-scalloped? I think it would’ve looked nicer with a more intentional line – straight, scalloped, or otherwise.

The bodice is also pretty snug. I’ve only tried it on my Create Your Own doll so far, but it took a little effort to close the Velcro completely. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see some pulling just under her arms.

Mia in the Celebration Dress

So regal, it hurts

But finicky bodice aside, this dress is absolutely gorgeous and I think it’s one of AG’s better celebration/holiday dresses in recent years.

I think Mia’s pretty much claimed this dress – which is particularly fitting, because as my mini me, her birthday is in just under a week, too! She can celebrate by being a ballerina-ish birthday princess! XD

Mia and Noelle dance

Dancing in the New Year

Mia and Noelle are ready to ring in the new year! I can’t believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! This year went by fast! Are you and your dolls ready?


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