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Hi, I’m Jennifer! I started MINI MAD back in 2014 as a place to share pictures and stories about the small, cute things I’ve collected over the years (hence the name). However, I quickly realized that I had the most fun writing about my American Girl collection – so that’s pretty much what you’ll find here. I got my first American Girl outfits back in the late ’90’s to use with my first 18″ doll, Magic Attic Club Megan. It wasn’t until 2014 that I got my very first American Girl doll, Isabelle Palmer, Girl of the Year 2014. Other fun facts about me – I’m married to my best friend and partner in games, Scott, and we recently adopted a little black kitten named Darcy (he’s a mischievous sort). Besides American Girl, I’m a fan of Disney, Miraculous Ladybug, and Final Fantasy. ♥


My doll collection

Which 18″ dolls do you have?

I have 10 American Girl dolls – Kanani (Girl of the Year 2011), Arista – a customized My American Girl #53 with Grace Thomas’ wig and hand-painted freckles, Sienna – a customized Grace with an auburn wig, Marinette – another customized Grace with a blue/black wig, Lea (Girl of the Year 2016), Noelle (TrulyMe #62), Cécile (1853), Talia – a customized Rebecca with a blonde wig and hand-painted freckles, Yuna – a customized TrulyMe #64 with BC green/blue eyes and brown wig, and Anne – another customized TrulyMe#64 with a BC wig. My mom is now the happy owner of my Caroline (1812), my aunt is now the happy owner of my Marie-Grace (1853), and my Isabelle (Girl of the Year 2014) is now enjoying a new home. I also have a nearly-20-year-old Magic Attic Club Megan Ryder doll (she needs to be restrung and have her hair conditioned).


Can you sew something for me? Can I buy [item] from you? Can I use your images?

Unfortunately, no. I’m still a beginner at sewing and my work has a LOT of imperfections – most of which are either hidden on the inside of the garment or on the back, and carefully hidden from view in my photos. I’m really picky about the pieces I buy from etsy and I hold myself to the same standard. Maybe in the future when I can actually sew closures nicely or not have to resort to Fray Check-ing some of my mistake areas haha… 😉

Nothing on this site is for sale. If you’re looking for retired dolls, outfits, or accessories, eBay, American Girl message boards and Facebook groups are all great places to start.

You may not use any of my images for your eBay, Amazon, etsy, or other listings. I will ask you to remove the image and if need be, report the issue.


Where’d you get those backdrops?

Some are from American Girl (Samantha’s Scenes and Settings, Christmas backdrop), and a couple were made by me (den backdrop). The Main Street U.S.A., Disneyland backdrop was taken by the uber-talented Tom Bricker of DisneyTouristBlog.com (and is being used for non-commercial purposes only!).



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    • Thank you, Amelia Grace! 🙂 For their hair, I make sure to only use the American Girl brush and sometimes I’ll spritz the hair with a little water (but only if it really needs it).

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