Updates and Season’s Treatings!


“Season’s Treatings” Cookie Tree Snowman Ornament |  found at Hallmark (link)

Arista with Cookie Ornament

Season’s Treatings!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am extremely thankful this year! Since my last post, my husband and I have made the transition from apartment renters to first time homeowners! It’s been a wild ride so far! Escrow was just as crazy as people say. Even after being on top of everything we had control over (getting paperwork sent in, etc.), there were still days that we thought we were going to lose the place. And to make matters worse, there were people eagerly hoping we’d fall out of escrow so they could swoop in. But finally, in late October, the place was ours and we were able to move in. Our condo is a bit of a fixer, but we’re slowly fixing and changing out everything that’s broken or gross (I’m now an expert at changing out toilet seats haha). We’re still unpacking, but I recently unearthed all of my American Girl stuff, so I thought it was about time for a new MINI MAD post!

Before all the moving madness, I found this “Season’s Treatings” ornament at Hallmark. Usually I don’t seek out ornaments to use as doll items – they’re typically expensive and the metal loops at the top break that sense of realism for me. But this ornament was both nicely priced (even better with a coupon) and has the metal loop hidden behind the top “cookie”.

Cookie Ornament from Hallmark

A tree of cookies!

The scale is a little smaller than typical American Girl food, but I still think it works well – the cookie tree is about the size of a lot of doll desserts on etsy. It’s a great size for Barbie or American Girl mini dolls, too. And even though it’s sparkly, the sparkles don’t rub off easily at all. I’m pretty happy with it! I might even look into others in this ornament series and see if any would make good additions.

Arista on Display

These are a few of my favorite things…

The ornament works especially well with Arista in Grace’s Baking Outfit (with some of the accessories from Grace’s Baking Set (I managed to snag one when it went on that one-day sale!).

I LOVE having Arista displayed in our den. I know the “typical adult” thing to do is have random sculptures or fake books or other things that have no sentimental value but are considered decorative, but my husband and I can’t bring ourselves to do that. And luckily, a lot of my family members are the same way. Both my mom and my aunt also like to display dolls. But up until today, my aunt didn’t have an American Girl doll to add to her collection.

I’d been feeling bad for awhile now that I didn’t really display Marie-Grace or Caroline as often as my other dolls. They’re beautiful dolls, but just weren’t my favorite. So Caroline recently found a new home with my mom (who had been wanting one for awhile) and Marie-Grace became my aunt’s first real American Girl doll. I can’t begin to describe how thrilled she was to get Marie-Grace. She absolutely loves her! And MG is almost like her mini me (minus brown eyes), so it’s all the more fitting for my aunt to have her. I’m just glad that both dolls went to people who are SO happy to have them.

I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! ♥



10 thoughts on “Updates and Season’s Treatings!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer & congrats on your home purchase! I bet your artistic eye will do wonderful things with your new place. Arista looks great in your bookcase! It’s a wonderful way to stage a little scene.
    That’s great that you spread the AG Joy by passing along some dolls 😃

    • I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too, Jen! Thank you! 🙂 Yeah! I was actually surprised she loved Marie-Grace SO much! I kind of thought she’d react more “Oh, she’s cute. She’ll look nice with my other dolls.” But it was like she’d always secretly wanted one and was amazed she finally had one! It was pretty great. 🙂

  2. So good to see you back, I had a gut feeling it had something to do with a new home though, congrats! I love Arista in the bookcase, I can’t say a thing because I have Minions sitting in my living room at the moment. It’s what makes you happy! And that ornament is adorable, a perfect doll sized decoration.

    • Thanks, Flo! 🙂 We’re having crazy adventures as first time homebuyers (fixing up a lot of stuff the slobs who lived here before didn’t take care of properly), but things like being able to have a washer and dryer inside our home are so nice. That sounds so cute! Yeah! Who says adults can’t display toys! 🙂

  3. I also love seeing her in the bookcase…what a wonderful way to display her! Congrats on your new condo…what a wonderful feeling it must be to have that buying process over before the holidays and I’m so glad it all worked out. 🙂
    I was curious what kind of figurine that Ariel one is on the left top of your bookcase?

    • Thank you, Farrah Lily! 🙂 Definitely! There’s a couple of other places in the neighborhood that are for sale and every time I see the signs I just think how glad I am it’s all over with! XD The Ariel figure is from a discontinued series called the “Walt Disney Classics Collection.” They were a really neat series of porcelain character figures that looked much closer to the movie art than a lot of other Disney figures. This Ariel is “Seaside Serenade” and she’s probably the smallest of the Ariels they made, but her expression is so spot on, I think she’s the best of that series. Ebay still has a bunch of them – http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wdcc-ariel

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