JanSport Disney Lil Break Pouch


JanSport Disney Lil Break Pouch |Β  found at a campus bookstore

Yuna wearing a JanSport Disney Lil Break Pack

Ready for new adventures!

*shakes off dust and cobwebs* What year is it? ;D

I didn’t expect this summer to be quite as busy as it has been! I helped a former student get university backing for a prestigious scholarship, I found a local nursery that sells Disneyland roses and this one has been doing a thousand times better than the one I got from Jackson & Perkins last year (I do not recommend J&P whatsoever >:[ ), and we’ve been doing a lot of work on our condo – new front doors, new doorknobs, and some new decor in the front! So… that’s why I haven’t been blogging quite as often as I hoped I’d be. ^_^;;;

I do still update my doll-related Instagram (mini.mad.american.girl) and my everyday life Instagram (kissedawake) pretty frequently, so if you’re ever curious what I’m up to, check there first!

Thank you, Brenda Savage and The AG Homeschooler for nominating me for awards! I’ll be making those posts soon! πŸ™‚

Today’s post is about a fun find I found in the place I least expected – at work! Or rather, at the bookstore on the campus where I work! I went in looking for something completely unrelated and was immediately drawn to the display of regular- and mini-sized JanSport Disney backpacks. I zeroed in on the mini ones, which are apparently meant for electronic accessories (earbuds, charging cords, etc.), but are absolutely PERFECT for 18″ dolls!

They had two types for sale – the “Disney Lil Break Pack” and the “Disney Right Pouch.” I’ve also since discovered that JanSport makes non-Disney versions of the Lil Break Pack and Right Pouch (and for slightly cheaper than their Disney counterparts – surprise, surprise). BUT… being the insatiable Disney fangirl that I am,Β and having a staff discount to utilize, you can guess what happened next…

Close Up of the JanSport Disney Lil Break Pack

Just Like the Real Thing!

These JanSport Disney Lil Break Packs are so realistic, people have accidentally bought them online thinking they’re regular-sized backpacks! I can’t say I really blame them – the only thing that really gives these packs away are the zipper pulls and the elastic straps.

JanSport Disney Lil Break Pack Inside

Inside – Mesh Pocket + Tags of Doom!

The pack has two pockets – a small zippered section on the front and a large zippered body. Inside the body of the pack, you’ll find a large mesh pocket… and a giant bundle of tags that put even American Girl to shame. Still, better inside than out.

Yuna wearing the backpack over one shoulder

It… Fits?

The pack has two elastic straps on the back that form an upside-down “V.” They’re large enough to accommodate one of the doll’s arms, but from the front, it looks slightly off. However, as you can see from the first picture, find the right angle and you’d never know! I didn’t want to attempt both straps at once (I think it’d be a tight/awkward fit) and I don’t have any Wellie Wishers to try it with, so I’m not sure if the size/fit would work well for them.

Yuna carrying JanSport Disney Lil Break Pack

Ready to Go!

I think I prefer her holding the backpack by the top handle. This way you get to see more of the pattern, too. πŸ˜‰

Happy Summer to those of you still on break, and Happy New School Year to those of you starting back! I have a few more weeks until all of our students return to campus and the craziness resumes haha. ;DJenniferSig