TrulyMe #64 and the Toys”R”Us Adventures

TrulyMe #64 | American Girl

Holy moly, it’s been a long time! A LOT has happened since I wrote last!

My mom and I finally visited the nearest Toys”R”Us selling American Girl dolls – a couple of times, actually! At first we were only mildly interested in going – we were curious to see the permanent underwear in person, but also thought it’d be nice to get any outfits and accessories we wanted without having to pay for shipping. Then we found out that most of the Toys”R”Us stores were carrying dolls with the old-style bodies – neck strings and all – and suddenly we had a new mission: find the dolls we had been wanting to get before they were switched to the new bodies!

And yes, while I agree that “permapanties” aren’t the absolute worst thing American Girl has ever done, after seeing them in person, they are a deal-breaker for me. For me, it’s a uniformity thing – neck strings vs zip ties don’t bother me, but having a body with a different structure (even if the major differences wouldn’t be visible at all times) would. And I’ve already managed to snag most of my dolls’ underwear – I can just imagine what the new body fabric would look like after awhile.

I really did try to keep an open mind before seeing the new bodies in person. I was hoping I’d see that the changes weren’t that noticeable…

NOPE. I think the new body actually photographs better than it looks in person. Not only is the fabric noticeably thinner in person, the ribbon serving as the “underwear band” looks especially stupid. It doesn’t really do much to create the illusion of underwear – to me, it just looked like random trim tacked around the doll’s two-tone waist. And it’s not even cute ribbon! Did they really need “AMERICAN GIRL AMERICAN GIRL HEY JUST SO YOU KNOW THIS IS AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL” ribbon? I’ve seen people refer to it as “Calvin Klein” underwear and I agree!

Thankfully, the doll I was interested in getting, TrulyMe #64, had the old-style body. I found one with a really sweet expression and brought her home!

She was soon to become a custom that I’d been wanting to make since I first learned customizing American Girl dolls was even a possibility! But I’ll get into that in the next post. First, let’s take a look at #64!

TrulyMe 64


TrulyMe #64 is such a beautiful doll! As much as I love the Jess mold, I really love it with the Ivy-style eyes. They’re the cherry on top to an already cute face! I was really thankful to be able to choose a #64 in person, because I did notice that a few of the dolls either had one eye socket that was smaller than the other or had an eye that was facing to the side slightly.

#64’s wig is very manageable – the length is a little longer than #62’s, making it a little easier to do pigtails or a ponytail, but with the same silkiness and thickness. I also like that it’s parted to one side (I’m not a big fan of middle parts).

Her dark brown eyes and her sweet expression really made it hard to turn #64 into a custom – even one I’d been wanting to make for years!  So… I ended up getting a second #64. I might change her wig, but overall she won’t change as drastically.

My mom ended up getting a #64 as well. She’s really too cute to resist!

It’s interesting to see how many people are trying to buy up dolls with the old style bodies. I really hope this sends a message to American Girl. I wasn’t looking to add multiple dolls to my collection this year – I have a finite amount of space to store anything, and I wanted to have room to add future dolls (especially if they ever made a doll from 1994 – we’d likely be the same age!). But I’d rather have the higher quality dolls and customize them to fit what I want than settle for their new standard.

I am really glad about one change though – I’m happy American Girl has started having dolls available in more local stores. It’s so nice to get to see the dolls, clothing, and accessories in person – and much easier to see how big some of these pieces are! Had I not been able to see the dolls in person before buying, I definitely wouldn’t have taken a chance on buying any online. The local store displays may not be as nice (or as tidy) as in American Girl stores, but the presentation doesn’t change the product for me (that is, as long as the product remains high quality).JenniferSig


8 thoughts on “TrulyMe #64 and the Toys”R”Us Adventures

    • Thanks, Jen! Haha, it was really weird to find one with them at first – like “Ooooh, so this is the legendary permapanty.” I’m SO glad they’ll eventually be a thing of the past!

  1. I went to Toy’r’us a few weeks ago. I was surprised that that one had the American Girl products especially since it was right across the street from the American Girl store.

  2. Very interesting to hear your take on the permapanties. And little did you know when you posted this how things would turn out!! I thought the Toys R Us that I checked out did a good job with their AG display, and I love how convenient it is since I’m 3 hours away from the closest AG store. Same with Kohls and their select items. I like being able to see the items before I purchase.

    • I KNOW! I was so floored to read that this morning! I couldn’t believe it! Yeah! The Toys”R”Us I went to looked pretty good, too! I really don’t understand why some people complain about AG being in other stores. I will gladly put the money I would’ve wasted in gas to get to AGP towards more AG purchases at a closer location!

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