Ready for Spring!

I am failing at decorating for the holidays this year! I missed New Year’s, barely did anything for Valentine’s Day, and didn’t do anything for St. Patrick’s Day… I can’t let another holiday go by without decorating!!

So, I’m starting early for Easter and getting my dolls ready for spring!


Talia looking Rapunzel-ish!Flower-filled Braids!

I saw these paper flowers on sale at Michael’s today and they instantly reminded me of the flowers Rapunzel wears in her braid when she spends a day in the village. Each of these blooms is connected to a thin wire, so it made it easy to weave them into her hair and adjust them.

Talia looking Rapunzel-ishLet’s go exploring!

I should take a picture of her like this with the Disneyland backdrop. She looks like she’s “Disneybounding” as Rapunzel. ;D


Cécile looking spring-yReady for a nature walk

I love how Cécile can pull off casual clothes as well as she can fancier outfits. I haven’t found anything yet that doesn’t look amazing on her. I thought it’d be fun to dress her like she’s ready for a spring day out and about – maybe on a nature walk or visiting the zoo. I’m really happy the green belt from Lea’s Hiking Outfit isn’t attached to the capris. I like it better with the pair that come with Maryellen’s Play Outfit.


Arista in Tenney's Picnic OutfitTenney who? 😉

I finally got to see Tenney and her collection at Kohl’s! It’s strange – in person, Tenney’s eyes didn’t seem as reddish as they often photograph. I did notice that some of the Tenney dolls had slightly off lips (like one side was painted taller than the other), but for the most part they looked good.

I was really tempted by a lot of Tenney’s items – her pjs, her dog, her guitar and banjo – but I ended up settling on her Picnic Outfit and Hat & Necklace.  I like the shorts, hat and necklace on Arista, but I’m not completely sold on the shirt. I think a tank top or loose sweatshirt would fit her style better. I want to try this set on Noelle next, but in the meantime…


Noelle in Lea's DressLight and Airy

I really love how Noelle looks in this dress – I think I might even like it better on her than on Lea! The flower she’s wearing is originally from a Magic Attic Club set (Rose’s Island Outfit). It’s too bad Magic Attic outfits don’t fit American Girl dolls – I have a blue-green dress (also Rose’s) that would look amazing on Noelle!

Talia and NoelleLooking Good!

And now that everyone’s dressed, it’s time to bust out the chocolate bunnies and pink tulips from Kit’s and Samantha’s LE sets and make everything look Easter-y! 😀

Have a great weekend!JenniferSig


11 thoughts on “Ready for Spring!

  1. Those flowers are perfect!!! I think everyone looks ready for spring. I’ve been gradually changing everyone over to warm weather clothing here as well.

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