More of Talia

Talia Leighton | Custom American Girl Doll (Rebecca Rubin doll with added face paint and Beautifully Custom wig)

Since I took so many photos of Talia yesterday, I thought I’d make a quick post with some more of them…

Talia LeightonSO. MUCH. HAIR!

Talia LeightonOne of my favorite shots

Close up of TaliaI think I got a little bit of glue on her lips (hard to tell unless in a certain light)

Talia LeightonAs Rebecca, she sometimes had a hard time standing. As Talia, her hair is so long, it sometimes complicates matters as well.

Talia LeightonOnce she’s balanced, she stays standing (for awhile, anyway 🙂 )

My goal for today is to get my errands done, then maybe have enough time to start getting everyone dressed for Easter. Have a great Sunday!JenniferSig


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