Off With Her Hair!

Formerly Rebecca Rubin | American Girl

Yup… I did the thing!

Formerly Rebecca


As much as I like Rebecca’s wig, I have a lot of brunettes in my collection and I really wanted to have a doll with a true blonde wig. Right now Lea is the closest I have to blonde (her official description calls her hair “light brown,” but it’s always looked more like a dark blonde to me). Luckily, Beautifully Custom recently restocked their wigs and that gave me the final push to re-wig Rebecca.

The shaded blonde wig I chose came about a week ago, but in the span of a week, I somehow managed to misplace it. We’re talking it-disappeared-into-thin-air lost. I turned my tiny condo upside down trying to find it yesterday, but it’s nowhere to be seen. SO I placed another order and when the new wig comes, Ms. Formerly Rebecca will get her real hair. For now, she’ll have to make due with Arista’s old wig.

I have a love-hate relationship with this wig. When I bought #53 to turn her into my mini me (now Arista), I almost didn’t go through with it because she looked so cute with her original wig. However… that wig refused to fluff and stay fluffed, and instead fell flat against her face. So, it quickly got the axe and I moved ahead with my customizing plans.

Two years later, not much has changed…

Flat Wig

I want fluffy, not flat!

Here’s the natural state of this wig – flat and unflattering. It photographs a lot better than in looks in person. Still, it does show me that this girl will look pretty cute when all is said and done! Which is good, because there’s always that moment when you’re removing the doll’s wig and you think “Am I making a mistake? What if she doesn’t look as cute? What am I doing?!” 😉

Formerly Rebecca

Rebecca on the day she arrived

And if I ever want to see her in her original state, there’s always my mom’s Rebecca. 🙂

Have a great Sunday! My husband and I are finally going to see Beauty and the Beast tonight! I’m so excited!!JenniferSig


9 thoughts on “Off With Her Hair!

    • Me too! I have a hunch she’s going to end up looking kind of like Rapunzel. I’m toying with the idea of adding some faint freckles to her nose, too. I’m excited to try one! The other wig companies I’ve tried have been great at first, but then they seem to get dry compared to the AG wigs.

      • Fiona’s wig still looks just like it did when I originally did hers, so I don’t think you will have that worry. Are you going to curl it or leave it straight? I’ve been kind of curious about the heat safe ones myself. I think the freckles would be cute.

  1. Beauty and the Beast is sew good! You will love it. Also-Rebecca? Blonde? I would have made her a redhead, personally, but she sure does look cute!


    • Eee, I’m excited! Our showtime starts pretty soon! Ah, she would look pretty cute with red hair. 😀 I might eventually make another custom redhead – some of the Beautifully Custom red wigs have me very tempted.

      • You will love it!!! Emma Watson is amazing. And Josh Gad as Lefou is just 😍👌. Beautifully Custom has such pretty wigs! If I ever have the motivation to customize, I want a doll with pink hair. Or blue hair. Or purple hair. Argh! Pretty things are frustrating. 😉

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