A Last from the Past

Rebecca Rubin (for now), 1914 | American Girl

A couple of weeks ago, I made what will likely be my final doll purchase directly from American Girl. Like so many others, I’m not happy with many of the choices American Girl has been making to their dolls, and I wanted to make sure I got one of what has become the “old style” dolls before their newer shipments arrive. Needless to say, this wasn’t quite as happy of a purchase as my others have been.

Rebecca Rubin


Rebecca arrived last Friday and she everything an American Girl doll ought to be. She has neck strings that are tied tight, but allow her head to move side to side without effort; the vinyl of her head and limbs are hard; and her body is nice and plump. I did get her with the intention of turning her into another custom, but her wig is so nice, I’m losing a bit of my resolve haha. Either way, she’ll probably become a new character – I have a cousin named Rebecca and it’s a little weird having a doll with the same name as a family member (for me, anyway). And like the rest of my dolls, she’ll be modern with the ability to time travel.

I really don’t want Rebecca to be the last doll I buy directly from American Girl, but I want all of the dolls in my collection to have the same bodies. It’ll be interesting to see what the custom TrulyMe’s are like. If they do end up being like the regular TrulyMe’s – permapanties and all – but with slightly more customization options and a higher price tag, I definitely won’t bother. I hope we learn more about that option soon.


10 thoughts on “A Last from the Past

  1. So glad that your Rebecca was fine. She was my second AG doll after a long break, and still one of my favorites. Mine is before BeForever and has an awesome wig, glad to see that they didn’t cheap out on hers. I would be torn too!

  2. I bought Rebecca for my sister, as it was her nearest likeness, and found myself having to get one for myself as well, and for my mother who needed, even though she didn’t know it, an Anne Shirley doll..
    If the permapanties are only dolls from the 50’s onwards, there might be a lot of Rebeccas bought.
    Nanea, I think will be my next hopeful addition.

    • That’s awesome! 🙂 Haha, I was kind of the same way – my mom’s Rebecca made me want to get her, too! I’m glad they’re not doing permapanties on everyone. I’m still hoping they bring back the good bodies someday. >_<

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