Photo Story: Cécile Goes to Disneyland


Cécile Goes to Disneyland

Cécile: I can’t believe I’m actually here! At DISNEYLAND! It truly is more wonderful than I could’ve imagined! …Mmm, such wonderful smells wafting from the shops on Main Street! I wonder if they sell pralines…

Cécile at Disneyland

Arista: Hey, Cécile! We’re here! Sorry we’re late – the line to park was INSANE!

Lea: Yeah, it might get pretty crowded today…

Noelle: Oh, but don’t worry! We’ll make sure you get to see everything! Arista and I are FastPass PROS!

Sienna: Uh… Cécile? What are you staring at?

Cécile: *awestruck* Everything. This place is heavenly…

Cécile and Friends

Sienna: *laughs* Well, just wait – it gets even more amazing! You haven’t seen the rides yet!

Lea: Speaking of which, what would you like to go on first, Cécile?

Cécile: Hmm… something worthy of being a first ride! Something that no one else has ever gone on as their very first ride! What’s the fastest, scariest thing here?

Noelle and Friends

Noelle: Whoa – are you sure? Umm, well… there’s Space Mountain! It’s a roller coaster that’s completely in the dark! It makes you feel like you’re zooming across the galaxy, and it drops and whips around to this really cool music!

Lea: Matterhorn’s pretty fast, too! And there’s a super-realistic abominable snowman that swipes at your bobsled!

Cécile: *gulp!* Oh, t-those both sound very first ride-worthy! With outer space and the abominable bobsleds… and the dark and stuff… Uh… I-I can’t decide…

Arista: How about both? We can walk past Matterhorn on the way to Space Mountain and see which line is shorter, then while we’re at Space, we can grab some FastPasses in case we want to ride again later, but not have to wait in a crazy-long line!

Arista and Friends

Cécile: Super*quietly* Umm… N-Not that I’m nervous or anything, but just how scary are these rides?

Arista: *laughs* Don’t worry, six-year-olds go on them all the time. I don’t think anything at Disneyland could really qualify as scary.

Lea: What about Monstro the whale on the Pinocchio ride? The way it jumps out at you from behind that rock? That thing TERRIFIED me as a kid!

Arista: Oh, me too!

Cécile and Friends

Cécile: I-I was thinking – we shouId probably eat breakfast first, non? I mean, better to not have our stomachs growling louder than the snowman!

Noelle: Sounds like a plan! Ooh! I could go for some beignets! Café Orleans has those Mickey-shaped ones! What do you guys think?

Cécile: Oui! A few tasty beignets are sure to calm my nerves! I-I mean – to the café!

Cécile and Friends

It’s been awhile since I made a photo story! Five dolls is definitely a record… and it made for some interesting issues. When one doll falls, she takes everyone else with her! I also realized I don’t have as many amusement-park-worthy outfits as I thought. I’ll have to change that! 😉JenniferSig


9 thoughts on “Photo Story: Cécile Goes to Disneyland

  1. Lol to the domino effect! I never realized how much it takes to do a photo shoot or a story until I started my blog! It really isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s great to see all of the girls together! I can’t wait to go back to Disney, myself! 🙂

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