Noelle Kealoha – Truly Me #62

Noelle Kealoha, Truly Me #62 | American Girl

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2017 bring us all joy, health, and prosperity! Already, 2017 is starting out much better than 2016 ended for me – I spent my entire winter break sick! But not only am I well again now, my birthday just passed and my family made sure it was a fantastic one! I had a great day at Disneyland with my husband, our families came over to celebrate with me, and I got some amazing presents, including…

Noelle Kealoha

Truly Me #62!

My parents surprised me with a Truly Me #62! I’ve wanted one ever since I saw her in person at a pop up shop last year! I thought she was gorgeous in photos, but she was even prettier in person! And now one year later, I have my very own!

Noelle Kealoha

My first Sonali mold!

I actually found out I was getting #62 before my birthday, because my mom – who is also a collector – gets way too excited about AG things to keep them a secret for long. 😉 So, I tried to take my mind off of being sick by coming up with my new doll’s name and backstory.

Noelle Kealoha

It’s story time!

I’ve seen people develop their #62’s backstory in a variety of ways, but for mine, I was somewhat inspired by Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s daughter, Lola Iolani Momoa. My #62 is Louisiana Creole on her mom’s side, Hawaiian on her dad’s side, and named Noelle Kealoha.

I’m still working out the details of her backstory, but so far I’m thinking her parents meet at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (Noelle’s mom wanted to study abroad, but her parents didn’t want her that far away, so this was a compromise). The two hit it off after working on a project together, then later, they both become professors at the university, get married, and have Noelle. I see both as being fun-loving with a silly side – like when they wake up Noelle by singing (loudly and off-key), “IF YOUR NAME IS NOELLE, IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO SHOWER, YOUR BUS WILL BE HERE IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!”

Maybe Noelle’s maternal grandmother also lives with them – a recent development after the passing of Noelle’s grandfather. I see her as having become close with her son-in-law’s parents and the three of them spending time together talking, cooking, and arguing about whose methods of cooking are best.

I’m still trying to figure out what I want Noelle to be interested in. So far, I’m thinking she might be interested in the science of cooking – both finding better ways to cook things (think Cook’s Country or Alton Brown) and learning about alternatives for people with food allergies. Maybe she is just starting to develop allergies to nuts (like I did at her age) and wants to find a way she and others like her can still enjoy certain foods.

Noelle Kealoha

Aloha, Noelle!

As you can see, I have a lot of ideas, but not many set in stone yet. Whatever her story ends up being, I’m so happy to have her in my collection! If you’re on the fence about getting #62, do it! She’s SO pretty in person!JenniferSig


14 thoughts on “Noelle Kealoha – Truly Me #62

  1. I’m purchasing #62 this summer, and your pictures are making me want her so much more! 😩 Noelle is precious! Her backstory is super neat, too. I like that you might make her interested in cooking and finding alternatives for people with food allergies! That’s really cool (I used to have a very bad gluten sensitivity). *chants* Make delicious gluten-free breads, Noelle! The brands out there now are disgusting! XD

    Once again, your pictures of Noelle are stunning! It’s so hard to wait until summer to purchase her, but I should pace myself since I just got Lea. 😩


    • Thank you so much, Madison! You won’t regret getting #62 – she is SO pretty! I’m thrilled with mine! 🙂
      Oh man, I know what you mean about the bread! My husband’s aunt is gluten-intolerant and she recently let us try some of a particularly horrible-tasting loaf she bought and was super disappointed in. Have you tried the Cup 4 Cup gluten-free flours? I’ve heard they actually make pretty tasty cakes and breads (just not ready made).

      • You’re welcome! I can’t wait to purchase her!
        Yes, I have! My mom recently made this amazing chocolate cake that was completely gluten-free, and I could not believe it. I had slice after slice… It tasted better than our homemade gluten-free breads, so I’m thinking it was all of that lovely sugar. 😉 The store-bought ready made gluten-free breads are pretty bad, though. 😛

  2. Sorry to hear you have been sick, but so exciting about a new member of your doll family! I love her back story, Cook’s Country, America’s Test Kitchen and Good Eats w/Alton Brown are my favorite cooking shows because as someone with multiple food allergies, I need to know the science behind what happens so I can make appropriate substitutions. The Sonali mold is such a cute mold, and #62 is one of the few dolls I’ve bought almost as soon as they come out, she was perfect for what I had in mind. Shivan says “Hello Noelle!”

    • Yes! They’re such interesting shows! Part of me always wonders what it’d be like to work in the test kitchen. 🙂 I love their equipment ratings, too.
      When I was looking up pictures of #62 to see which names I liked best for her, I think the first few results where photos of Shivan! I really love how they designed #62. The amber eyes are so pretty! I’m surprised American Girl doesn’t use them more often!

  3. Great storyline for her! I think she is one of the more unique dolls that AG has right now…so pretty! I wish I could see one in person, but both AG stores near me are about 3 hours away…someday! I love her outfit. 🙂 Glad you are feeling better!

    • Thank you, Farrah! 🙂 Oh man, that’s quite a drive. :/ I hope AG continues to build more stores (or they go through with making dolls available in other stores). My closest store is a pain to get to, too.

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