Let’s Get Decorating!

‘Tis the Season!

Christmas Decor

Thanksgiving is over… Time to start decorating!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Wasn’t it just Halloween two seconds ago!?  I hope everyone celebrating had a great time with family and friends this weekend! My husband and I got together with our loved ones, ate WAY too much good food, and started decorating for Christmas! We’ve quickly discovered that we don’t have as many cat-proof decorations as we’d hoped… so it’s a little sparse in here, but starting to look festive! And since we couldn’t get a tree this year, my dolls have one, instead. The scale is a little off, but it works for now.

Chat with Christmas Cookies

Cookies ‘n’ Milk

I’d still like to find more small decorations for my dolls’ den – it’s the only spot in the house that I can safely decorate without having to worry about Darcy. XD

Darcy the cat

Darcy in his tree

Speaking of Darcy, it’s officially been one month since we adopted him from our local animal care center! He’s quite a quirky little guy! He loves playing fetch with feathered balls and will actually bring them to us to get us to play. He also loves his crinkle bunny toy, which was the first toy we bought him when we brought him home. I named it “Mr. Bingley” because he spends as much time grooming it and dragging it around as he does fighting with it. It’s his little BFF haha. Darcy is currently curled up in the chair next to me, worn out from meeting a bunch of our family and friends this weekend.

Have a relaxing rest of the weekend, everyone!JenniferSig


8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Decorating!

  1. If your cat is the reason you can’t get a tree, then maybe you can put it in a room that has its door closed at all times so he can’t get in. We have ours in the basement because our cats can’t come down there. They like to eat trees.

  2. I remember our first cat breaking our fake tree. Yes, she broke it. I still haven’t figured out how, she wasn’t very big! Love Bingley, that is hilarious!

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