Halloween Treats!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Ready for a spooktacularly fun weekend!

Happy Halloween weekend! I didn’t get to decorate quite as much as I’d hoped this year, but at least my dolls’ “den” looks festive! I put this mini banner together using a garland kit and decorative letters from Michael’s, and some of the Halloween treats were originally 3D stickers.

Halloween setup

Treats Galore!

I had the popcorn, nachos, and hot wings, and paired those with the stickers for a huge spread of sweet and spicy treats. The light-up pumpkin came from my mom (I’m not sure where she originally found it), and it adds a festive glow to the scene. I had wanted to change the TV image to a screen-capture of The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t (a.k.a. The Night Dracula Saved Halloween), but my printer ran out of ink and I haven’t gotten a chance to get more yet. Partially because…

Darcy the Cat

Darcy, our new 6 month old American Shorthair (a.k.a. miniature panther)

…we adopted a kitten last weekend and we’ve been slowly trying to get him acclimated. I think it’s going well. 😉

Honestly, I went to the local animal shelter last weekend just to see the cute animals my husband sometimes goes to visit during his lunch break (his work is just down the street). At the time we entered the “kitten room,” there was a woman blocking the corner cages, and if I hadn’t insisted on going back to the room before we left, we might’ve missed this silly little guy entirely. As we approached, he came up to the cage purring loudly, rubbing against the cage and kneading. I’ve never seen a cat do that to complete strangers before! We left the shelter that day thinking “he’s probably going to be adopted by an awesome family, who can probably afford to spend even more time with him that we can.” But then we started coming up with names for him… y’know, on the off chance that we would adopt him. And then at some point that night, we decided on “Darcy” (like the tall, dark, and handsome character from Pride and Prejudice), and that we’d go back the next day and if he was still there, maybe we were meant to adopt him.

And so the next morning, he came home with us (along with a tree-shaped cat tree) and has been steadily feeling more at home ever since. 🙂 And demanding belly rubs, which is why he’s upside down in that picture. XD

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!JenniferSig


10 thoughts on “Halloween Treats!

    • Thank you, Jen! 🙂 I’m half-tempted to get a doll-sized bed for him now haha…
      I got an email that all the remaining Halloween/Fall stuff is on sale at Michael’s for 70% off and I’m debating going down there to see if they have any more things the dolls can decorate with. It’s nice to have all of that behind doors so Darcy can’t investigate. 😉

  1. Everything is cute, especially Darcy! Sounds very much like how we ended up with a cat we had years ago. Fingers crossed that he doesn’t decide to play with the dolls! 😉

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