OOTD – Double Trouble

Outfit of the Day – Arista

Ahhhhhh, it’s been FOREVER since I posted! A lot has happened! My mom-in-law moved up to the mountains and my husband and I helped her get her three Maine Coons – and one new, very young rescue kitten – up the mountain (and drove back down the winding road while it was pitch black at night – I don’t think I ever want to do that again). I bought a Disneyland Rose and it’s been struggling to survive since it arrived (/CRY). My mom found us a $20 entry table that’s at least $180 cheaper than anything I’d found and is exactly what I was looking for – and we found a cheap La-Z-Boy chair for our den (so now people don’t have to use uncomfortable folding chairs hehe…).

I also finally saw all the Lea and Wellie Wishers stuff at Kohl’s! A big THANK YOU to Jen and everyone on Instagram for spreading the word! I’m not usually around that section of the store, so I would’ve never known otherwise! I snagged Lea’s Celebration Outfit – which I’ve been meaning to get for awhile now.

And since Lea is now rocking her Celebration Outfit, I decided I should change up Arista’s look as well – to something a bit more Halloween-y!

Arista in her "Double Trouble" outfit of the day
All the colors of Halloween

I might eventually swap everyone out into historical stuff, so it at least looks like they’re dressing up in costume. I really need to get more holiday outfits! I decided to use the butterflies last second, and gave Arista tight braids that I could shape and make it appear like one of the butterflies was lifting her hair up.

Arista's Outift of the Day
Double Trouble

Top: Grace’s Sightseeing Top, McKenna’s Warm-Up Jacket

Shorts: Grace’s City Shorts

Accessories: Lea’s earrings, Grace’s striped bow and headband, Samantha’s meet necklace, butterfly hair clips

Shoes: Isabelle’s meet shoes

I’m also finally catching up on all of the rumors, leaked photos, and new details! It really does look like Felicity will be next out of the archives, which is super exciting! I think I read her books the most as a kid – probably because we both LOVED horses. ❤

All right, back to getting ready for the week ahead. These weekends go way too fast! Happy Sunday!


5 thoughts on “OOTD – Double Trouble

  1. I love Maine Coons! I have never had one but I did have a shelter cat that reminded me of one because he was LONG!! It’s great to see you back on WP. Love the idea of the butterfly lifting the braid up.
    The Disneyland rose is amazing. I have never had much luck with anything other than shrub roses 😟
    Thanks for the shout out!

    • Thank you! It feels good to be blogging again! 🙂
      I think I’m in the same boat! A lot of my friends keep telling me it’s impossible to kill a rose, but this is making me seriously doubt that… Although in this case, after I contacted Jackson and Perkins, they determined the rose had come diseased and gave me a refund. After this though (and after reading other customers’ experiences), I’m not sure if I want to chance another rose from them – and that’s the only place you can order a Disneyland rose from. :/
      You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. Hey! Good to see you. We’ve had two cats that had the coloring of Maine Coons, but weren’t big. Not sure if there was a recessive gene thing going or what. They are so pretty though.

    Don’t give up on the rose, it takes them a while to get established. If you haven’t done it already, you might want to get some rose food for it. I had one that color at our other house, they are so pretty. Unfortunately a bug infestation killed it. 😦

    • Could be! Did they have the “M” on the forehead? We think ours could be Maine Coon and something else, because they don’t have the kind of wild-looking faces that purebred ones seem to have.

      I tried contacting Jackson and Perkins and they had me do a scratch test on the stems and take some pictures. They said it’s pretty much a lost cause and gave me a refund. I’m thinking of going to a nursery today and finding another rose. I don’t want the soil and food I bought to go to waste… ;_; Oh man, stupid bugs! It’s amazing how quickly they can destroy. 😦 Do you have roses now?

      • We do, but this year was hard on them, we had too much excessive heat, so not sure what is going to survive. They are beautiful, but trying!

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