Cherokee Butterfly Hair Clips


Cherokee Butterfly Hair Clips |  found at Target (in-store and online)

Good Grief, Charlie Brown, how has it been a month since my last post!?

Like I mentioned on Instagram, there’s been lots going on — my mom-in-law is selling her house, we’ve been trying to unpack more boxes and get organized (since it’s almost been a year since we moved in and it’s starting to get embarrassing lol…), and I pulled a muscle in my chest and it’s taking forever to heal. Blegh.

But, I found something fun yesterday, so I had to post. 😉

Have you ever treated yourself to something small and been cheered up way more than you expected to be? That’s the effect these cute butterfly bow hair clips at Target had on me. I’ve seen them a few times while running errands, but finally decided to get them yesterday. Today, Arista begged to let her try one on (and to change her outfit to match)!

Outfit of the Day


The butterfly bows come in a pack of two for $5.00 — not bad for how nice these are. The clip part is covered in ribbon, but doesn’t seem to slip out of Arista’s hair easily. The colors are vibrant, the bows are nicely gathered and tied, and the edges seem to be finished well. I don’t see any signs of fraying.

Butterfly Clip Up Close

Close Up

These clips were part of a toddler hair accessories end-cap at my local Target, but you can also find them online (along with another set that’s on clearance and has a bit more variety). I’m happy I finally broke down and got them. They’re a fun and unexpected touch. 🙂

Speaking of fun and unexpected, did you get an email from American Girl about Rewards Members getting early access to Melody? It’s an interesting move! Grant early access to your most passionate fans, they purchase Melody and flood social media with amazing pictures of her, more people see her and fall madly in love, and official release day comes and people rush out to buy her! It’ll be interesting to see if they use this tactic in the future, too.

I think it’s smart! We’ve got some amazing photographers in the community, and even for the novice photographers, you really get a sense of how much everyone loves collecting these dolls through their photos and the stories they tell. I’m excited to see pictures! *_*JenniferSig


4 thoughts on “Cherokee Butterfly Hair Clips

  1. Arista looks great! I’ll have to keep an eye open for these at Target.
    I agree it’s a good move on the preorder for Melody. I didn’t take advantage myself… But maybe other bloggers will sway me towards Melody.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Those clips are adorable! Isn’t it nice when you can share with your dolls?

    I agree too on Melody, great thinking on their part. I think perhaps they have someone running the show that actually knows what they are doing! I didn’t order her, but I can see how this tactic would work. I wonder how many other times we’ll get these previews?

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