Mini Finds Galore!


Mini Wiimotes, Plushies, and Ariel “necklace” |  found at an anime convention

Anime Expo Haul

Fun Finds Galore!

You never know what you’ll find in an anime convention’s Dealers Hall! Last year I was able to find a Sailor Moon plush and this year, I found even more fun things to spoil my dolls with!

Wiimote Keychain

Wii would like to play!

First up – Wiimote keychains! I’ve seen these a few times at past cons, but have usually passed on getting them because I primarily play games on PS3 and PS4. But that said, I do have good memories of the Wii, and when I worked in the games industry, I even tested a few games for the system.

Arista and Lea playing Ace Attorney

Controllers Ready!

I decided to get two in case I want to make scenes with multiplayer games, like Super Smash Brothers Brawl. For now, I had to start with one of my favorite Wii (and DS) games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (it’s such an amazing series!!!).

Mini Plushies

Tiny Creatures from the Sea!

Next up – these tiny sea creature plushies! They’re meant to hang from a backpack, but they’re just the right size to be beanies for dolls (I might cut off the elastic later to make this more apparent). A lot of booths were selling these and there were a variety to choose from – sea creatures, dinosaurs, cats, dogs, jungle animals, farm animals, birds, and more! I got the jellyfish because it reminded me of “Clara” from Princess Jellyfish (one of my absolute favorite anime series), and the pink one (kind of reminds me of Pearl from Finding Nemo) had such a cute face, I couldn’t pass it up!

Lea and Pikachu

Pikachu! I choose you!

There were so many different Japanese Pokemon plushies floating around, but this one was so ridiculously cute and soft, I needed to bring him home with me! As you can see from the first picture, he’s about the same size as Chat, so he’s not a bad scale for the dolls.

Ariel Necklace

Disney Store Japan has all the cute things!

And lastly, this “necklace.” I originally bought this Ariel bracelet for myself, but it’s kind of delicate and if I snagged it or something, it’s not like I could easily replace it. So instead, I thought I’d use it as a necklace for my dolls and enjoy it that way. Looks pretty good on Lea!

I’m pretty happy with everything I found! I honestly didn’t expect to see so many things that worked well for AG doll scale. There were a few things I ultimately passed on because they cost more than I was willing to pay (e.g. some other styles of controllers, plushies, etc.), but it’s nice to know such a variety of things exists.

I’m hoping this weekend I can photograph some new scenes using a few of these new items. 🙂JenniferSig


8 thoughts on “Mini Finds Galore!

  1. Fun finds!! I need those Wiimotes to go with my mini Wii (gift card holder). That necklace is beautiful, it makes a perfect accessory for the dolls. Plus I’m sure they will let you borrow it. 😉

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