Starbucks Disneyland Cup Ornament


Starbucks Disneyland Cup Ornament |  found at the Disneyland Resort

Arista with Disneyland Cup

A Disneyland Cup for Warmer Weather

As promised, I’m back with the other mini thing I got from my last trip to Disneyland – a Starbucks Disneyland cup ornament! I saw these during the previous Disneyland trip (when I got the Disneyland mug ornament) but decided against getting the cup because I already have two plain Starbucks cup ornaments.

…And then I took another look at them during my latest trip, and decided if I have Disneyland food for my dolls, it wouldn’t hurt to have a drink cup, too. 😉

Close up of the Disneyland cup

Close Up of the Cup

These ornaments are also $12.95 each, which I feel makes sense for the ceramic mugs, but a little less for these cups. They really are just the usual Starbucks cup ornaments with an added Disney Parks image printed on the side. Honestly, if this was an ornament for any other place, I wouldn’t have done it, but Disneyland’s got a lot of happy memories for me, so… nostalgia tax lol. I am still really happy I got one. It’ll add a nice finishing touch to the next Disneyland scene I put together.

I’ve got more finds that I’m hoping to share soon! My husband and I just got back from Anime Expo, so we’re a tad pooped haha.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July tomorrow! I didn’t get a chance to decorate this year, but hopefully by the time Halloween rolls around I’ll have things a bit more squared away at home. 🙂JenniferSig


4 thoughts on “Starbucks Disneyland Cup Ornament

  1. Very cool! I agree a bit pricey, got a laugh out of your “nostalgia tax”. I got the regular Starbucks ornament ones this past Christmas, they had the domed top, I think they were $7.95 each–so $5 extra just for the Disney logo? WOW. But I probably would have done the same! 😉

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