REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fob


REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fob |  found at Kohl’s (in-store and online)

Lea sports the blue bag

New and Blue!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is enjoying the three day weekend — especially all who have served. Thank you for everything you do. ❤

Back in April, my mom and I found REED’s mini handbag key fobs at Kohl’s, and I snagged this magenta one. A couple of weeks later, I decided they were such well-designed bags for the price, I had to get a second one.

So, I got the REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fob in “Ink Blue White” (currently on sale at Kohl’s (and on for $16.50).

Blue Bag front

Bag Front Detail

The Boxer handbag has a little more detail than the Atlantique version. The blue one I chose has white, dark blue and light blue accents as well as two nonfunctional metal rings on the front.

Inside the bag

Inside the Bag

Like the Atlantique version, the Boxer bag is also nicely lined with the same material as the human-sized bags, but unlike the Atlantique version, this bag has a tab closure in the middle.

Blue bag back

Bag Back

The back of the bag has one large lined pocket.

Arista and Lea with bags


Both handbags are bright and fun — just the thing to complete Arista and Lea’s outfits.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂JenniferSig


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