More of the Mini Handbag

The more I look at this REED mini handbag key fob, the more I find to LOVE about it! Arista volunteered to help me show off more of this awesome bag!

Arista's new bag

The perfect size for an 18″ doll!

I didn’t realize it yesterday, but the inside and pockets of the bag are nicely lined! It really is like a purse that’s been miniaturized!

Nicely lined

Lined with the same fabric as the human-sized purses!

It holds a lot, too! I was able to fit two books and a pair of glasses plus fuzzy case easily inside.

Fit all the things!

The Essentials

I’m really impressed with the quality of this bag! There’s no way something like this would be available from American Girl for less than $20! I’m half-tempted to get another one…

As for this one… I think Arista’s pretty much claimed it.

Arista's new handbag

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15 thoughts on “More of the Mini Handbag

  1. Wow, it really is the perfect size! Unfortunately, according to the website, none of the Kohl’s around here sell them. 😦 I need to check Pittsburgh.

    • Oh lame… Does yours have one of those kiosks? I think if they don’t have something in stores but have it online, you can order it from the kiosk and it should ship to your home for free.

      • Found them! Persistence pays off once in a while. I kept checking the website to see if the status on inventory had changed and wouldn’t you know, today it did! Not at our store, but another one only 15 minutes away.

        What I found interesting is the fact that they were already running low and they had to have just come in yesterday. Fingers crossed that they will be a popular item with this line and each season will see new keychain bags! Wouldn’t that be awesome? 🙂

      • I got the blue like yours and the black w/tan in the other style. I am tempted if I’m near the store to go get the pink like yours though, that is so pretty.

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