REED Atlantique Mini Handbag Key Fob


REED Atlantique Mini Handbag Key Fob |  found at Kohl’s (in-store and online)

REED Atlantique Mini Handbag Key Fob

You can never have too many bags.

I LIVE! 😉 It’s been awhile since I made a post, huh! I’ve been so busy with life stuff — celebrating birthdays, getting taxes done, updating my portfolio, other odds ‘n’ ends — that I haven’t had anything really update-worthy… until now!

Today my mom and I were over at Kohl’s and I spotted this REED mini handbag key fob out of the corner of my eye. These key fobs are the PERFECT size for American Girl dolls and they come in a few fun styles and colors. I chose this pretty fuchsia one and my mom chose the same style, but in “zephyr” (emerald green).

They’re currently on sale at Kohl’s (and on for $16.50, but come out to $11.55 with a 30% off coupon.

REED handbag key fob

Working snap and room for all the essentials.

The bag seems to be pretty roomy, and I like that these have a single snap, so you can have accessories visible from inside the bag but keep the bag from opening too wide and having everything spill out. I love the rich color, too. ❤

And if pink or this particular style isn’t your cup of tea, there are other colors and another style to choose from:

REED handbag key fob assortment

Blue and cream, green, and yellow!

Our local Kohl’s had a pretty good variety of these key fobs — though I did snag the last pink one. If the pink one hadn’t been available, I probably would’ve gone for the blue, black and cream handbag in the top left of the picture above. These are part of the REED Boxer Mini Handbag Key Fobs, which you can also find online.

This is actually the second mini handbag key fob I’ve gotten from Kohl’s. It’s nice to know that they secretly cater to American Girl dolls, too. 😉JenniferSig


10 thoughts on “REED Atlantique Mini Handbag Key Fob

    • Haha couldn’t hurt! 🙂 The only thing that’s brought me to Kohl’s recently has been their Disney x Lauren Conrad stuff. I really loved the Cinderella collection they had last year. Some of the more recent stuff (Bambi, Alice in Wonderland) hasn’t been as good though.

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