Lightning quick post! I was going to post earlier, but our router is being a rather large poop and it took a while for my husband to get it working again (it’s a few years old, so I’m not completely surprised…).

Anyway! I think my Easter scene needs more… Easter. Chocolate bunnies – check, tulips – check… (I admit the palm I got yesterday may be a tad out of scale haha!) Maybe I’ll make a banner or something. 🙂

Easter display

It’s a start…

Our backyard is finally starting to get a little bit of color, too! My husband and I decided to start with something a bit harder to kill (hopefully). These succulents only need to be watered once a week. I added a little pop of color to the smaller pot (if you do add paint to a clay pot, you have to seal it on the outside and inside (I used a clear matte spray) or moisture will cause the paint to bubble).


Operation Keep These Things Alive! has commenced!

(And if anyone has any tips on caring for succulents – or just plants in general – I’m all ears! ;D)JenniferSig


6 thoughts on “Semi-Easter-y!

  1. Beautiful photos, Jennifer. My tulips are just starting to come up, reminding that I need to give some attention to my poor plants. I have quite a few succulents as we are west facing, and our front yard cooks most of the summer. There is not much advice to give except don’t over water them. You can tell when they need moisture when their leaves start to get thin Good luck with your gardening!
    – Meg 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Meg! I love seeing your photo assignments! 🙂 Ooh, I never knew that succulents’ leaves get thin when they need water. I’ll be sure to look for that. Thank you!!

  2. I’ve never grown any succulents but they fascinate me, I’ll be curious to see how your venture goes! The girls look great, and ready for the holiday.

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