OOTD – Edwardian-Inspired Easter

Outfits of the Day – Arista and Lea

It’s hard to believe Easter is so soon! St. Patrick’s Day was just last week! I don’t know about you, but I like when Easter falls in April (a little more spread out, y’know?).

But, with one week until Easter, I decided it was time to get at least a couple of my dolls ready. They’re my decorations this year, since most of our holiday stuff is still packed.

Arista and Lea are ready for Easter

A Modern Take on Edwardian Easter

Dresses:  On Arista – Samantha’s BeForever Meet Dress with Maryellen’s crinoline underneath, On Lea – Samantha’s Special Day Dress with the skirt from Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit underneath

Shoes: On Arista – Shoes from Samantha’s Special Day Dress, On Lea – Sandals from Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit

Accessories: On Arista – Necklace from Samantha’s BeForever Accessories, Kanani’s Meet Flower Clip, Lace Bow from Samantha’s Holiday Dress, Lea’s Logo Earrings, On Lea – Grace’s Bracelet, Lea’s Logo Earrings, Ribbon Headband from Samantha’s Special Day Dress

Arista ready for Easter

Pink with a bit of burgundy.

Arista makes a pretty good Samantha stand in (though I’m sure her winged eyeliner would probably cause a few fainting spells in 1904), so I’m not surprised that Samantha’s Meet Dress looks pretty good on her. And since the dress is a cooler pink, Kanani’s flower clip and Lea’s earrings work well with the outfit. For her shoes, I could’ve just stuck with the black mary janes that come with Samantha’s meet outfit, but the cherry red shoes from Samantha’s Special Day Dress tie in well with the burgundy velvet sash.

Lea ready for Easter

Bows from head to toe!

Lea looks so good in mint, Samantha’s Special Day Dress was an easy choice for her. And since I was already using Grace’s sandals for her shoes, I thought I’d try the matching skirt to kind of fluff up the dress (it added a tiny bit of volume, but not much). I know in the stock photos, the day dress headband is shown worn with all of the ribbon loops falling in the same direction, but I kind of like it better as a double-looped bow (and more like a hair tie than a headband).

And now I’ve got Arista and Lea acting as our Easter decor in the den, with Kit’s chocolate bunnies, Samantha’s tulips, and a few other odds ‘n’ ends. 🙂

Happy First Day of Spring, Happy Spring Break (I’m so jealous!!), and Happy One-Week-Til-Easter! ❤JenniferSig


16 thoughts on “OOTD – Edwardian-Inspired Easter

    • Thank you! 🙂 At first I thought it might look a little silly to have a doll display in our den, but it ended up being something fun and unexpected that’s easy to change up.

  1. SO CUTE! Do you think you could try to make a Audrey Hepburn doll? I think if you did it you would do a great job. I wouldn’t buy it, I just want to see a custom Audrey Hepburn doll. do you think whenever you make another custom it could be that?

    • I think an Audrey Hepburn doll would be really pretty! I think she’d be hard to make look like the real Audrey Hepburn, though — she had such nice, thick, shaped eyebrows, I’d need better hand-painting skills first haha. Have you seen the Audrey Hepburn Barbie dolls? They’re very pretty!

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