OOTD – Stripes Ahoy!

Outfit of the Day – Sienna

Today is my husband’s birthday! So far we’ve gotten him his free grand slam at Denny’s and next up is getting his free birthday drink from Starbucks. But, before we can do that, we’re waiting for the termite guy to come and take care of another kick hole that appeared on our wall a week or so ago (a kick hole is a little hole the termite makes to kick sand-looking waste out as it munches on all of our wood ;_; ).

So! While Scott is playing Fire Emblem, I thought I’d make a quick post featuring Sienna’s outfit of the day!

Sienna's Outfit of the Day


Stripes Ahoy!

Tops: Nautical Graphic Tee (Girls and Dolls), Striped Hoodie

Shorts: Shorts from Grace’s City Outfit

Shoes: Sandals from Saige’s Sweater Outfit

Accessories: Saige’s Necklace, Grace’s Bracelet, Lea’s Braided Headband, Grace’s heart studs with AG star dangles (new version)

Lea's Braided Headband

A close match!

Lea’s braided headband is actually a pretty close match to Sienna’s hair color. Up close you can definitely tell that the headband is caramel and not red, but from far enough away, you can’t really see a difference. Hooray for mix ‘n’ match accessories!

Sienna and Chat

Adventure awaits!

This is almost a comfier-looking version of Grace’s City Outfit, with the white tee and red jacket taking the place of Grace’s sweater. The stripes of the jacket and the anchor graphic give this outfit a nautical look. I could’ve gone with flats, but I really like these sandals. They give the outfit a more laid-back look, perfect for a day of chill adventures.

Speaking of adventures, the termite guy is done and it’s time for more birthday excursions! Have a great Friday!JenniferSig


11 thoughts on “OOTD – Stripes Ahoy!

  1. Happy belated bday to Mr. Mini-Mad! Sienna looks great. The striped hoodie is really nice… Pieces like that we always get a lot of use out of.

  2. Very cute! And belated happy birthday to your hubby. The hoodies from AG are some of my favorite pieces, they are so well done. Love this combo!

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