OOTD – Better Brighter

Outfit of the Day – Arista

Just a quick post for today! I really liked this OOTD from back in January, but was curious how it’d look with some brighter colors. So, I took Lea’s meet dress, added the Love to Layer Accessories (and a few others), and voila! I think I like this look even better than the original!

Arista's Outfit of the Day

Better Brighter

Tops: Lea’s Meet Dress, vest from Love to Layer Accessories set

Skirt: Skirt from Love to Layer Accessories set

Shoes: Sandals from Saige’s Sweater Outfit

Accessories: Grace’s charm bracelet, Lea’s logo earrings, headband from Love to Layer Accessories set, Grace’s clip-on hair bow

Arista's Outfit of the Day

Rocking the Red Violet

Purplish-pinks seem to look really good on Arista, so she tends to hog the Layers skirt. XD It matches surprisingly well with Lea’s meet dress and helps to balance out the brighter yellows and greens of the dress. The yellow headband also matches really well with the golden yellow of the dress.

Saige’s shoes provide a break from all of the bright colors, without losing any of the outfit’s warmth, and the silver of Grace’s bracelet pairs well with the sliver bow of the skirt.

Speaking of Grace and skirts, my mom and I both ordered Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit during the recent sale, and they should be arriving soon! I can’t wait! Did you snag anything good from the sale?JenniferSig


9 thoughts on “OOTD – Better Brighter

  1. Cute outfit! I agree that the other pieces really help to balance out the loudness of Lea’s dress. I think all the colors look so much better on Arista’s coloring as well. No sale items for me! I’ve avoided the website, lol 😉

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