Crafting Project: Den Backdrop

PROJECT: A den backdrop consisting of a wall piece and a floor piece

TIME: A few hours

MATERIALS: two large pieces of foam board, scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, paintbrush, small wooden frame front, artwork, clear tape, painter’s tape

Chat and Lea in their new den.

Welcome to our den!

I was so excited to get the Music & Movies Entertainment Set for my birthday! I love it because it looks a lot like my own entertainment setup (it just needs a couple of video game consoles!). But to really show it off, I wanted to make a den backdrop – something that would store easily, be adjustable, and be relatively cheap and easy to make.

Den Backdrop

Instant Den!

First, I took one of the large foam boards and painted it a light turquoise color. (In retrospect, I should’ve taped it down at the edges or something, because it did curl slightly as it dried.) At the same time, I painted an unfinished wooden frame front that I found at Michael’s in the wooden items section.

While those were drying, I took the second piece of foam board and covered with wooden floor print scrapbook paper.

Once the frame was completely dry, I took a piece of artwork and taped it to the back. Then, I attached the frame to the wall backdrop using painter’s tape.

Den with cactuar, tonberry, and accessories.

The den with a few accessories…

Add a cloth placemat rug and a few accessories, and the scene is set! Lea and a few friends can be spending a relaxing day inside reading or watching TV…

Lea ready to head outside.

Time to take some pictures!

…Or the sunshine might be calling Lea’s name and she might be getting ready to head outdoors and take some pictures. 😉JenniferSig


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