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Nautical Shirt

New and Nautical Tee!

My brother-in-law got me an etsy gift card for Christmas that I’ve slowly been putting to good use. I originally asked for one so I could get another pair of these cute skinny jeans that I bought almost two years ago. Unfortunately, the shop I bought them from doesn’t seem to be doing many releases anymore, so I decided to see what else is out there in etsy-land.

There is a wide variety of fashion choices on etsy – many of which I probably wouldn’t make myself, but more power to those who would. My MO is basically “Would I wear this if it were human-sized? Yes? Sold!”

Gotta squat to get the shot.

Sometimes you gotta squat to get the shot.

And that’s exactly what I’ve found from Girls & Dolls on etsy. Loren’s doll style is very “comfy and casual” – which is just how I like it! If I could, I’d basically live in t-shirts and jeans (or leggings if I wasn’t venturing outdoors for the day), so most of her store’s offerings piqued my interest.

But this nautical graphic tee really stole my heart. I love the typography, I love the design, and I love the scoop neck. Sold! As soon as it arrived, Lea begged to try it on first. I really love how she looks in it!

Nautical T-Shirt

Grab your cameras and let’s go take some pictures!

This shirt was not only packaged nicely – wrapped in tissue and sealed in a cute white envelope with purple and white bakers twine tied in a bow – the shirt itself is expertly sewn. The edges are nicely finished all the way around, the curved hems of the shirt’s front and back match, and the graphic is nice and clear. I think this is going to be a popular shirt among my dolls.

Lea taking a picture

“Okay, everyone scoot closer together!”

This shirt is super cute and I’m very impressed by the quality. I’ll definitely be checking out Girls & Dolls again in the future!



This graphic tee is beautifully sewn, the design is fantastic, and the way it was packaged was perfect. My only nitpick is the shirt is the tiniest bit rough (which I’m sure helps with making the graphic look nice and sewing the shirt in general), but it’s a very, very minor thing. Overall, I think this is a great shirt for the ocean-lover* among your dolls!

*Read Lea’s book. It’s good. 😉JenniferSig


12 thoughts on “Nautical Graphic Tee by Girls and Dolls

  1. Lea looks amazing! Enjoyed checking out the shop. My faves were the shorts and the pink and grey baseball shirt with the dog on it. I know any tween would like the emoji shirt! I’ll look forward to seeing who turns up next with the shirt on.

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