MINI MAD on Instagram! And Mini Quiz #1

MINI MAD is now on Instagram! You can find my new doll-filled IG at girl! …Okay, there is a donut pictured there too, but it’s a mini donut, so it counts! 😉

In addition to dolls (and the occasional tiny food), I might start posting mini questionnaires like the one below. I see them periodically on Instagram and Tumblr, and I’ve always wanted to make my own! If nothing else, it’s a fun way to share more info about myself and learn more about all of you, too! Feel free to share your answers in the comments! You can also use the picture below on your site or Instagram if you’d like (just be sure to upload it to your site’s media storage first)!

Instagram Quiz 1

Click the image above to view on Instagram

1. If you’ve been with me since the beginning of MINI MAD, you’ll know that my first American Girl doll was Isabelle! I was SO excited to get her! But there were two other times I almost caved and bought my first AG doll. The first was when Samantha was about to be retired and the second was when Kanani was released.

2. My most recent AG doll is Lea Clark! I really thought I could resist her. I TRIED to resist her. She’s just so darn pretty in person! I’m a sucker for Josefina mold dolls. ;_;

3. There’s a bunch of retired dolls I wish I had in my collection, but one of the top ones has always been Mia. I LOVE her freckle pattern! I wish AG would use it again! I think it’s the most realistic of all of their freckle varieties.

4. I love Saige’s Sweater Outfit. I’m constantly using the shirt and jeggings, and I really love the sweater and shoes. I think it’s the one outfit that gets worn the most among my dolls.

5. If I could get any retired outfit, I’d get the 1996 American Girl “First Day Outfit” or the “Earth Day Outfit.” I got my first American Girl doll catalog in 1996 and OH, HOW I PINED after those two outfits – and their human-sized counterparts (even though, truthfully, if I’d shown up to school wearing that bright yellow jacket, I’d probably have been made fun of mercilessly. I went to a school filled with snooty kids – blegh!).

Let me know what you think of this little quiz – and if you’d like to see more like it! 🙂


10 thoughts on “MINI MAD on Instagram! And Mini Quiz #1

  1. Fun quiz!

    1. My first doll was Samantha. She’s one of the first ones made in Germany with the muslin colored body.

    2. My most recent doll is also Lea. She’s so pretty, I couldn’t pass her up!

    3. I’ve been very fortunate to get the two main retired dolls I wanted, Saige and Kanani. Thank heavens for Ebay! If I were to add anyone else from retired dolls, it would be Lanie. I think she is so cute. I’m trying to stay away from classic face molds though as I already have so many.

    4. Favorite outfit–eeek! That’s a really hard question! I’d have to say the Coconut Fun outfit, simply because it is so versatile, it seems like someone is always wearing at least one part of it. At the moment Abby has the pants on and Rebecca has the top on!

    5. Retired outfit I’d love to have: Tennis & Golf set. Someday I’ll spring for it, I love it since in my “younger days” I played both, and the set is interchangeable.

    • That’s awesome that you have an original Samantha! I haven’t seen one in person, but from pictures, it looks like the original ones have really gorgeous eyes! Oh, wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Tennis and Golf set before. It’s really cute!! *_*

  2. Congrats on your foray into IG. We aren’t on it … Not so kid friendly IMO, but I think it can be a fun option to connect with out doll enthusiasts.

    1. Brianna’s first doll was PC Josefina and mine, Addy.

    2. You know Lanie just joined us and with a little luck and clear skies, we will get some pictures up this weekend!

    3. I would still like Kirsten because part of my family is Scandinavian. I have no where to put Kirsten, but….. Never say never!

    Some of the outfits I use most are also Saige’s. Very interchangeable wardrobe and not too frou-frou. Though I always admire the historical outfits I tend to enjoy using the casual items more.

    • Yeah, I can definitely see that… I’m really surprised there are so many kids on it! I hope their parents at least monitor it or have taught them about internet safety. There are some freaky people out on the interwebs… Ah, that’s awesome! I’m a quarter Danish, myself. LOL yes, there’s always more room for dolls! 😀

  3. Awesome Quiz!

    1. My first doll was Lanie Hollend girl of the year 2010! I love her!

    2. My most recent doll is truly me #53 . she is my mini me! I was thinking on naming her Savannah but if you have any suggestions please write back!

    3. A retierd doll i would want is Marie Grace! She is sooo pretty and i just love her!

    4. My favorite AG outfit is the sparkle sweater outfit! It is soo pretty!

    5. A retierd outfit i would want is Kit’s original meet oufit! I think it is really pretty and good for the springtime!

    Thank you! -❤ mia

  4. 1. my first doll was Kit Kittredge. 2. my most recent doll is Maryellen Larkin. 3. Caroline Abott ahhh! i soo wish i had gotten her! 4. Grace’s Sightseeing outfit, one of my dolls are always wearing it! 5. I wish i had gotten the sea breeze outfit. fun! thanks ~ akb923

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