Photo Story: Marinette’s Valentine’s Day Treats


Marinette’s Valentine’s Day Treats

Marinette: I love Valentine’s Day – or as I know it, la Saint Valentin! I like to make little Valentine’s Day presents for all of my friends. Sometimes I sew little things and sometimes, like today, my parents let me have free reign of our kitchen and I bake up a storm!Marinette's Ready for Valentine's Day

Marinette: I’ve been baking since I was five, so I’m pretty good at it! …Well, okay, maybe helping my parents bake is more accurate, but I definitely know my way around the kitchen. I can whip an egg into shape in no time! And no one’s a swifter sifter than me!Baking Utensils

Marinette: …Oh dear, I think I’ve been hanging around Chat Noir too long! I’m starting to speak in puns like him!

Oh! Chat Noir is my teammate! When Paris is in danger, Ladybug (that’s my superhero alter ego) and Chat Noir spring into action, defeat the evil akuma threatening the city’s peace, and put everything back to normal. I trust him completely in battle, but… the kitchen’s another story.

At least there’s one chat I don’t mind being in the kitchen with me – Arista’s cat, Chat d’Or. He’s mischievous, but better behaved around all of these cooling treats. He’s been such a good boy, I even made a special one for him! I get the feeling Chat Noir would be a little jealous if he found out, hehe!Chat with a treat.

Marinette: Et voilà! The last of the treats is out of the oven and onto the cooling racks. But before I can pass them out, I promised one of my friends she could take pictures of everything. She loves taking photos as much as I love sewing!Chat and Marinette

*knock, knock*

Marinette: Ah! That must be Lea now!

A few minutes later…

Lea: Wow, Marinette, these look amazing!

Marinette: Thanks, Lea! I hope they taste just as good. Shall we try one?

Lea: I bet they’ll taste fantastic! Let me just get a couple more shots…

A few minutes later…

Marinette: So… uh… I-Is it time to eat yet?

Lea: Almost! I just need- Oh! What if I angle it this way? Yes! That looks awesome! Eee!

Marinette: Oh dear…Lea taking photos.

Lea: What is it that you always say? Et voilà! Take a look! *flips through photos*The Treats!

Marinette: W-Wow! These are incredible! It’s like my desserts got their own glamour shots! You’re really talented, Lea!

Lea: Thanks! So… umm… Can we try them out?

Marinette: But of course!Treats for all!

From all of us at MINI MAD, Happy Valentine’s Day!JenniferSig


13 thoughts on “Photo Story: Marinette’s Valentine’s Day Treats

  1. Love your photos, “glamour shots” for sure! I’ve always love the shirt Lea has on… It just goes with everything! Wonderful that you have a resident photographer in your doll family 💗

    • Aww, thank you Jen! I wanna get better at it. Right now I’m trying different scene settings on my camera since the manual stuff still confuses me. @_@ Yeah! Saige’s Sweater Outfit is probably my favorite AG outfit. I wish more were that good for mixing and matching!

    • Thank you, J Sarie! 🙂 It’s one part natural light, one part hall light, and one part “Candlelight” setting on my camera haha. XD That cat is so much fun to photograph – his expression seems to change depending on the angle.

  2. Oh my god, I can’t believe you have a Marinette doll! I’ve been dying to make a custom of her although I’d probably use the Jess mold. Where did you get her wig from?

    Anyways, love this entire photo story!

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