Pizza Party Set

Pizza Party Set | American Girl

About a year ago, I got the (now discontinued) American Girl Sleepover Set, which came with a miniature version of an Apples to Apples Junior card game, a bowl of popcorn, two glasses of fruit punch, Snooze-a-Palooza! book, and an American Girl magazine.

This year, my parents got me the new Pizza Party Set, which replaced the American Girl Sleepover Set in 2015. It’s pretty darn cute!

Pizza Party Set

It’s Pizza Party Time!

The set comes with a heart-shaped pizza made up of six removable pieces that fit nicely into a heart-shaped pizza pan, which fits into a pink pizza delivery box. I like that the pan is included, because not only does it keep the slices in heart formation while they’re in the box, you could omit the box and pretend the dolls have made pizza from scratch (especially if you add in some of Grace’s accessories!). I was really impressed by how nicely the pizza came packaged, too! Each slice was individually wrapped to protect the painted toppings – nice job, AG!

The set also comes with two pink paper plates and two pink paper napkins – both of which I don’t think I’ll be using anytime soon. They’re cute, but kind of flimsy.

The two soda-looking cans are actually cherry-flavored sparking water – which I like to think of as being cherry soda. Not as healthy, I know, but I’m not a big fan of flavored sparkling water. The hint of fruit flavor always tastes weird to me (but I love adding slices of strawberry, cucumber, orange, or lemon to water dispensers, so go figure). What’s interesting is AG’s stock photos show the drinks as strawberry-flavored sparkling water (which I’d rather have!). I wonder what made them switch flavors…

The Snooze-a-Palooza! book has been updated to Slumber Wonders, and Apples to Apples has been replaced with Blokus. I LOVE the mini board games of both sets! Especially the fact that they’re complete, working versions of the games! And the new sleepover book is a great addition to my mini library.

All in all, I love this set! It’s perfect for a Saturday night video game and pizza party scene! 😉

Pizza Party Set

Pausing from the game for pizza!

Isabelle: I’m so happy Beast is in this game! He’s my favorite Disney prince!

Arista: Ooooh! In that case, which version of him do you like best? Beast Beast or human Beast?

Isabelle: Oh! Umm… both? I think his human form is handsome!

Pizza Party Set

Lea: I have to admit – the first time I saw Beauty and the Beast, I groaned when I saw his human form. But then he started giving everyone giant group hugs and he was so excited and adorable, he won me over.

Arista: He’s definitely up there on my list of favorite Disney princes, but no one can top Prince Phillip. He is the definition of dreamy.

Isabelle’s Top Five: 1. Beast, 2. Aladdin, 3. Eric, 4. Naveen, 5. Phillip

Lea’s Top Five: 1. Tarzan*, 2. Phillip, 3. Aladdin, 4. Eugene, 5. Beast

Arista’s Top Five: 1. Phillip, 2. Hercules**, 3. Eugene, 4. Beast, 5. Aladdin 

What’s your top five?

*Lea doesn’t care if Tarzan is not a recognized Disney prince. She has had a crush on him since she was little and will gladly recite a long list of reasons why he is the best Disney “prince” of them all. She also may or may not have daydreamed about bumping into him while hiking in Brazil.

**Arista decided that if Tarzan counts, so does Hercules.JenniferSig


3 thoughts on “Pizza Party Set

  1. This set is very tempting, I especially like that the pizza is all cut up, so many of them just have a single slice taken out. I love the rug the girls are sitting on–is that a placemat? I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before!

    • They’re pretty detailed slices, too! The colors are slightly brighter than real pizza, but not bad at all! Yup, it’s a placemat from Target! I saw someone else use one in their dollhouse and ran off to Target to find one, too.

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