Meet Chat d’Or

Margay Cat | American Girl

Even though he’s from Lea’s collection, Arista has pretty much claimed the margay cat – which makes sense considering she’s my mini me. With his mischievous expression, he reminds me a lot of my mom-in-law’s equally mischievous cat, Drake, who’s been my favorite ever since she rescued him and his three brothers as kittens a few years ago.

Arista and Lea

Cats in the Cabinet

When I went to go see Lea’s collection in person, the margay cat was the first thing that really jumped out at me – partially thanks to the new packaging for the soft-bodied animals. The open view box made it easy for me to find a cat with a cute face and good stitching.

Margay Cat

Pick me! Pick me!

The margay cat is a little bigger than Tutu, and not quite as stuffed. Instead, it has a slightly beanie middle, which makes it easier to pose or stay put under Arista’s arm. Unlike Tutu, the margay cat has embroidered eyes (a trend that started with Grace’s French Bulldog last year). They’re a little less realistic, but still cute.

Tutu and Margay Cat

Comparing the Cats

I was finally able to come up with a name for my margay cat this evening. For the past few months, I’ve been on such a Miraculous Ladybug kick, I thought it’d be fun to incorporate “Chat” into his name, after “Chat Noir,” the impish half of the show’s crime-fighting duo. I settled on “Chat d’Or” since his coat is different shades of gold, or just “Chat” for short.

Is it weird to give a cat from Brazil a French name? Maybe, but since he’s Arista’s cat and Arista’s got Grace’s hair and tends to use Grace’s things the most out of all the others, I think it works. 😉JenniferSig


9 thoughts on “Meet Chat d’Or

  1. Heh, I usually don’t pay much attention to the AG animals (I think they’re cute, but they always strike me as being a little too plush friend vs. pet wildlife next to the dolls), so until you mentioned the mischievous expression I hadn’t realized how much character this one has. That’s brilliant to see! 🙂

    • I agree! They’re probably some of the least-realistic parts of AG’s collections – especially now with the embroidered eyes. I’m wondering if they’re going to change the TrulyMe pets to have embroidered eyes soon, too. Haha, when I saw the margay cat online, I thought I’d definitely pass on it, but in person its expression was just too cute to resist!

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