OOTD – Hot Pink Pizzazz

Outfit of the Day – Lea

Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to get ready, right?

Lea looks fantastic in bright colors, so naturally, Saige’s Sparkle Dress looks amazing on her! It matches the pink of her braided headband, earrings, and bracelet as well.

…Yup, her braided headband and wish bracelet from her accessories set! My mom got a set for her Lea and surprised me with a set, too! The headband is pretty nice – a little difficult to get on (like many of AG’s braided headbands), but a little easier if you leave a section of hair at the base of her head and put the headband around the rest (3/4 of the way around instead of completely around, if that makes sense).

Lea Close Up

Perfect in Hot Pink!

Saige’s Sparkle Dress originally came with short gold boots, but the pink shoes from Maryellen’s Birthday Dress are a pretty good match, too! And Maryellen’s crinoline can be added (I pulled it up higher) to add extra pink and poof.

Valentine's Day LeaHot Pink Pizzazz

Dress: Maryellen’s Birthday Dress

Accessories: Maryellen’s crinoline, Lea’s earrings, wish bracelet, and braided headband

Shoes: Pink shoes from Maryellen’s Birthday Dress set

Valentine's Day Lea

Ready for Valentine’s Day (A few weeks early…)

I’m really loving Lea’s book so far – which isn’t too surprising, given how much I loved Aloha, Kanani. Lisa Yee is easily one of my favorite AG authors. Her characters are so easy to relate to and I love the descriptive language she uses. I have about half of the book to go, but I highly recommend it. It’s a quick, fun read. 🙂JenniferSig


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