Lea and Kanani [PICTURE HEAVY]

Lea Clark, Girl of the Year 2016 & Kanani Akina, Girl of the Year 2011 | American Girl

One of the reasons Lea wasn’t on my radar when she was first announced is I was afraid she’d be too similar to Kanani. Now that I have both, I’m happy to say that this is not the case at all!

Lea and Kanani in Grace's Meet Outfit

Lea (GOTY 2016) and Kanani (GOTY 2011) in Grace’s Meet Outfit (GOTY 2015)

Let’s start with their eyes. American Girl loves using hazel eyes for their dolls, and because I already have two others with hazel eyes – Isabelle and Kanani – I was a little hesitant to get Lea and make my collection so hazel-heavy. Lea’s hazel eyes are fairly close to my Isabelle’s – which is a little strange. I’ve often had a hard time photographing Isabelle’s eyes – they usually end up a little darker than they really are, but Lea’s eyes are really easy to photograph. Maybe it’s something about the different molds?

Lea's hazel eyes are brighter

Lea’s eyes – very similar to Isabelle’s (maybe with lighter green streaks?)

Kanani's darker hazel eyes

Kanani’s eyes are primarily a dark sage green with flecks of bright green and dark brown

Kanani’s hazel eyes are markedly different – darker brownish green with flecks of bright green. Both dolls seem to have a very similar shade of brown for their eyebrows, though.

Lea and Kanani's Hair

Hair Color Comparison

There’s a definite difference in their hair colors. Lea’s hair is slightly lighter and has more of a golden tone to it, while Kanani’s is more of a true light brown. Lea’s also has more defined highlights while Kanani’s hair looks more uniform.

Medium Vinyl Variations

Medium Vinyl Color Variations

Lea and Kanani have very similar skin tones. Lea’s looks slightly lighter and redder to me, but as you can see in the picture above, the two are very close. When I was taking this comparison picture, I discovered something new about my Lea doll…


A fingerprint!

It looks like someone handled this Lea before her vinyl was completely hardened. It’s pretty hard to see – which is probably why it passed inspection. I only found it when I was holding her hand to pose her and wondered why her hand felt more rough than my other dolls’. It’s not enough of an issue to make me want to return her – I don’t know if I’d be able to find another Lea with a face I like as much as this one, and even if I did, who knows if she’d have another issue instead. I like to think of it as the person who made this Lea was so impressed by how nicely she turned out, they added their thumbprint as a signature.

Anyway – while all of this picture-taking was happening, someone was having fun trying on Lea’s clothes…

Arista in Lea's Clothes

Tah dah!

Not bad, but I think Lea still wears it the best. 😉JenniferSig


12 thoughts on “Lea and Kanani [PICTURE HEAVY]

  1. I agree about Isabelle’s eyes being hard to photograph, I bet it does have something to do with the shape of the eye sockets. That’s pretty freaky about the fingerprint! I definitely can see it in the photo. Better watch out, NCIS will come looking for her. 😉

    • LOL! That would be hilarious! “Ma’am, we’re gonna have to ask your Lea doll to come in for questioning…” I asked around on the American Girl Collectors board and it sounds like a few others have gotten dolls with fingerprints. Pretty weird!

      • Mine has that on both hands. I noticed it on the way to an AG store, so I asked the employees, who said that they are meant to be there. None of my other doll have it though.

      • Oooh, interesting… Yeah, that sounds suspicious to me. If it was a print that was meant to be there, it should be uniform on all of the dolls. I don’t think any of my other dolls have it, either.

  2. I loved this comparison of Lea and Kanani. I don’t have either yet, but will be buying Lea in March. My mom takes me on an annual trip to one of the AG Stores for my Birthday. I have saved up enough for Lea and can’t wait to get her. Do you love your Lea? What is your most favorite thing about her. I am counting the days until my trip!!! -Kara-

    • That’s a fun way to spend your birthday! 🙂 I do love Lea! She looks a lot as I did as a young kid (I spent a lot of time outside, so I was really tan and had blondish hair) and her story is really good! I like that she loves taking pictures best about her. Photography is a lot of fun! I hope you and your mom have a fun trip! 🙂

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