TBT – Arista Then and Now

Arista Then and Now

Arista Then and Now

Just a quick post for “Throwback Thursday”! Sometimes I forget that Arista was once a My American Girl #53. She looks so different now that she has Grace’s wig, some painted on freckles, and most recently, added eyeliner! Whodathunkit!?


8 thoughts on “TBT – Arista Then and Now

  1. Arista is growing up! I love the new look. It’s subtle, unlike Barbie doll makeup. You got Lea? How did I miss all these posts this week? Catching up…. I admire your courage and artistic eye.

    • Thanks, Jen! Yeah! Barbie and her eyeliner, lid eyeshadow, crease eyeshadow, under-the-brow eyeshadow, random sparkles – she must be get exhausted putting on her makeup in the morning haha. 😉 Though I do think they are starting to tone it down on some of them. I saw a preview of a “Made to Move” Barbie and she has more natural-looking makeup. Yup, I got Lea! I couldn’t resist (and my mom didn’t help haha).

  2. I think it is so interesting how minor changes (hair color, paint, etc) can totally change the look of some dolls. Others not so much. Are you going to do a doll in the future with the blonde wig you took off her? I have Fiona’s black/brown wig stashed in a drawer, haven’t had the right inspiration yet though.

    • Yeah, it is crazy! I’m not sure if I trust that wig – it already had some strings coming out of it while it was on #53’s head, so I almost wonder if it was defective (which might also explain why it came off so easily). I was half-tempted to swap Arista’s current Grace wig with the second one (which came off more intact than the first one), but after her eyeliner adventures, I don’t want to tempt fate again so soon haha. I bet black/brown would look nice with lighter eyes – I’ve been seeing a lot of customs popping up on Instagram with neat light eye/dark hair combinations.

    • Thank you, Ginnie! I used a mixture of acrylic paint and a tiny bit of fabric medium, and painted it on using a tiny detail brush. Thank you! Glad you like it! 🙂

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