Arista Gets Wings!

EDIT – 1/20:

So… the more I looked at Arista’s eyeliner, the more it reminded me of anime eyes – which I like, but for her, I wanted something a little more realistic. So, I tried to use the light paint under the wingtips to make the wings thinner. Long story short, it did not look good, and the brush I had been using was starting to work against me. So! Tonight I removed the paint with acetone-free nail polish remover and redid the wings:

Attempt #3

Not perfect, but not quite as intense as before.

Ugh! Remind me never to attempt this again!


Winged eyeliner, that is!

Arista's new eyeliner

If only I could do my makeup like this…

Let me backup a little.

Sienna has Grace’s new, shapely eyebrows; Marinette has the same awesome eyebrows and added eyeshadow; and Lea has Grace-brows 2.0 – which are so nice, I wish could get my eyebrows to look like hers! As you can imagine, Arista was starting to feel a little left out.

I had been toying with the idea of giving her eyeliner for awhile now – especially after seeing so many beautiful custom dolls with added eyeliner. And since she’s my mini me, I don’t mind her looking older than the others, so I thought eyeliner would be a good way to go all around.

Yesterday, I decided to give it a shot!

Penciling in the eyeliner

Pencil makes perfect

I looked at a lot of pictures of customs with eyeliner and the one thing that really seemed to make or break the look was the angle of the wings. I decided to pencil in a thin guideline to make sure I kept the wingtips looking as identical as possible. It made the process slightly less nerve-wracking (it’s really scary adding more face paint to a doll that you’re already really happy with!). I used a dark brown acrylic paint for the eyeliner and a light tan paint for just above. This helped me keep the eyeliner looking sharp and allowed me to cover any mistakes (and the tan looks like a light eyeshadow).

Side View

Another View

I went back and tweaked the eyeliner and eyeshadow slightly after they initially dried, but now I’m pretty happy with Arista’s new look. Even though I don’t typically have winged eyelids, myself, I gave Arista this style because my eyelashes tend to fan out to the sides for a similar look. I didn’t trust myself to be able to paint even, thin, single eyelashes, so this was a good alternative.

Full View of Arista

Fancy Faces

Honestly, that’s one paint job I’m not sure I would attempt again haha… I was so afraid of giving Arista uneven eyeliner, and the paint REALLY takes hold almost instantly (or at least that’s been my experience). It’s a nice effect once it’s complete, though – Arista looks much more lively now! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Arista Gets Wings!

  1. What a difference that makes, she looks great! I would be very nervous too with something like that, I’m like you, I don’t even do it on myself! LOL

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