OOTD – Nod to the Nineties

Outfit of the Day – Arista

On this Throwback Thursday, I thought it was time I tried out some of the Love to Layer Accessories I got for my birthday! One of the things I love about this set are the little button stickers on the vest. They remind me of the mini grin pins from when I first became aware of American Girl back in the ’90’s. I know a lot of people weren’t big fans of the pins, but they remind me of saving up to buy an outfit from American Girl as a kid and how excited I was when it arrived.

I paired the vest and skirt with a few of Grace’s things (also a throwback at this point) and voila – Arista is ready for a day at Disneyland!

Arista's OOTD

Nod to the Nineties

Tops: Grace’s Meet Tee, vest from Love to Layer Accessories set

Shorts: Shorts from Grace’s City Outfit, skirt from Love to Layer Accessories set

Shoes: Sparkly Black Flats

Accessories: Grace’s fake hair and striped bows, Star Stud Earrings

Arista's OOTD

Triple Bows

Ah, to be able to switch places with Arista and spend the day at Disneyland instead of at work. 😉 I have to say, I am a little sad to see Disney closing down the area near Big Thunder and cutting into the Rivers of America, all in the name of Star Wars. I feel like it would’ve made more sense adding Star Wars Land to California Adventure – where there are already oddball areas like “Cars Land” and “a bug’s land”. I guess it could’ve been worse – we could’ve gotten FROZEN Land!

Arista Close Up

Ready for Rides

Disneyland in the ’90’s was pretty awesome. The Skyway was still around, Toontown and the Indiana Jones ride were new, Disney Afternoon was big, and it didn’t cost an arm, leg and your firstborn child for a ticket! One of these days I’ll have to make some ’90’s Disneyland t-shirts and accessories.



5 thoughts on “OOTD – Nod to the Nineties

  1. Super cute! I have never been to either Disney! I like the layer vest, too. It reminds me of the 80s when you had to wear pins of your favorite bands. I still have a box of “Blondie” pins!

    • Between the two, I think Walt Disney World handles crowds a LOT better (I’ve only been once, but it was during summer and the crowds were moving well), and I feel like that makes it slightly more enjoyable. Nice! Did you ever see the Debbie Harry Barbie? They did a pretty good job with her.

      • I had to google that Barbie… So cool with the “skunk” dyed hair. I love that she has her trademark “Candies” high heels on.

  2. This is the exact reason I love mix and matchable pieces, I think that skirt goes great with the Paris shirt. I still have a bunch of “grin pin” stickers, still on their original sheet!

    • Yes! I’m still holding out hope that someday AG will have some kind of choose your own tops/pants/accessories set kind of thing so you can really choose the pieces that will work best for your collection (but I bet that would be a nightmare for stores/returns).

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