Back to Regularly Scheduled Life

Wah! I’m already missing winter break and being able to post more often! There’s a bunch of stuff I want to photograph and no light to do it in by the time I get home from work (especially since the weather’s been so gloomy lately)! I’m still working on finding a good photo spot in here, too. Without natural light, I get yellowy shots that are hard to fix in Photoshop – blegh. But it is still fun to mess around with backdrops and different poses and figure out what I want to do when I do have more light available.

Arista in Maryellen's Party Dress

Maryellen’s Party Dress is perfect for dancing at Disneyland!

I’ve been messing around with new site headers tonight, too. I might change up this new one slightly – maybe I’ll try recreating it with natural light this weekend.

…But for now, I suppose I should head to bed. Thank goodness it’s Friday!JenniferSig


4 thoughts on “Back to Regularly Scheduled Life

  1. I am having the same problem. By the time I am home not much left other than shadowy winter light, kid homework and dinner! I think if took some pictures on the weekend I could write during the week.
    I like the new header and the appearance of the margay! Here’s to more play and less work!

    • Oooh, that’s a good idea! Plan out what things you want to write about and take all the photos ahead of time. I am SO glad I got the Margay Cat! I love how floppy he is! 🙂 Yes, I like the sound of that haha!

  2. It’s been gloomy a lot during the day here too, not weather that works well for taking photos at all. Hopefully spring won’t fool around in getting here like it did last year.

    Love those Disney backdrops!

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