Lea Clark, Girl of the Year 2016 | American Girl

Yesterday, my family and I made a quick trip to our local pop up store to see Lea Clark, the 2016 Girl of the Year, and her collection! It was a little tricky to get good shots of the displays. As you can imagine, Lea’s very popular right now, so I had to grab shots in between swarms of people rushing up to see her.

Meet Lea!

Meet Lea!

Like so many American Girl dolls, Lea is a lot cuter in person than some of her stock photos, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the dolls I saw did not have “angry eyebrows.” There definitely is some variation to her eyebrow shape, though. I saw some dolls that had a more demure look and some that looked more determined. So if you do have the option of choosing a Lea from the store, it’s worth it.

Lea’s hair is nice and thick with soft waves. Her hair seems to stay out of her face well enough on its own, and there are plenty of accessories in her collection to help tie back her hair otherwise.

My mom was not impressed by the sewing on Lea’s meet dress. The area where the top meets the skirt is sewn in a crooked curve that looks really messy – a little disappointing for a company that is capable of sewing intricate pieces.

Overall, Lea is very pretty, but with limited funds (and space), I’m not sure if I’ll be adding her to my collection this year.

Lea's Earrings

Neon and Gold Earrings

Like Grace, Lea has her own set of unique earrings that are only available when you get her ears pierced. The lime green butterflies are so cute, and I love the neon and yellow gold color combination!

Lea in her pj's

Lea and her Sloth Friend

Lea’s pajamas are cute, but a little louder in person than I expected. Thinking about how these compare to the other pj’s in my collection, I feel like these would stand out too much in a group photo or display. I like the dolls to wear the clothes, not the clothes to wear the dolls (if that makes sense). They’re a pass for me.

I didn’t take any good shots of the sloth, but he’s pretty cute, too. I can see why so many people have been snatching him up!

Lea's Accessories

Lea looks a little exhausted…

When I first heard that Lea was going to be into photography, I was so excited! I thought AG would give her an awesome camera and maybe even some accessories to go with it – a camera bag, maybe a laptop, things like that.

It turns out I was close about the laptop – the Rainforest House does come with a tablet that, according to the item description, can be used with Lea’s “cameras” from other “sets”. So maybe she’ll be getting more cameras in the future? Hopefully her future devices are nicer than the camera that comes with her accessory set – it’s a little sad.

Sienna’s camera is a keychain that costs only a few bucks and looks more like a real camera than Lea’s, has sound effects, flashing lights, and can come in a variety of colors. I noticed that although Lea’s camera has a pretty strap, it looked like it was already fraying in areas. *shrug* I’m not impressed.

The accessories set also includes photos that are akin to Grace’s postcards, Lea’s passport, a National Geographic Kids book about sea turtles, a bracelet with a sea turtle charm, and a cute braided headband. The headband had me tempted, but not enough to spend $32.

Lea's Hiking Outfit

Taking the Cat on a Hike

I was also pretty tempted by Lea’s Rainforest Hike Outfit. I really like the shirt and there is some definite mix ‘n’ match potential for each of the pieces, but I decided to pass for now. I’m not sure if those shoes would match anything else in my collection and even the pants might be had to coordinate.

I did get one thing, though…

Margay Cat

I solemnly swear he is up to no good…

I don’t normally like the embroidered eyes look for the pets, but this guy has such a ridiculously mischievous expression, I love it! I haven’t settled on a name for him yet, but it’s gotta be as impish as he is. The margay cat is very soft and floppy. I haven’t removed him from the box yet, but he seems to be similar in size to Tutu the cat.

Sea Turtle


And then there’s this little guy. Lea’s sea turtle friend is $2 cheaper than the margay cat – which is weird, because he’s about the same size. I’m curious why they chose to price them differently like that.

Fruit Stand

Anyone for a smoothie?

The pop up store didn’t have the rainforest house, but it did have Lea’s Fruit Stand. It’s really bright and cute! I love the little cooler and shelves at the front of the stand, and the little table to the side. I’ve never seen Kanani’s shaved ice stand in person, but from just the pictures of it alone, I like this stand a lot better. It looks like a more versatile piece – the dolls can be ordering, cooking, eating, all depending on which way the structure is facing. And I love the toucan hanging out near the roof. Really, really cute. 🙂

Lea’s collection has a lot of neat pieces – especially the margay cat (he’s adorable!). I’m curious to see what comes out for her next.JenniferSig


4 thoughts on “Hiya, Lea! [PICTURE HEAVY]

  1. Great photos, even if you were dodging people! I think she is a doll that you most definitely have to see in person to pick out the right one, I’ve seen a couple of photos already where the eyebrows give her a mean look, kind of like she’s supposed to be an evil villain or something. The PJ’s don’t look like PJ’s to me at all, I think they would work better as just a regular romper outfit. The slippers–blech!

    Sounds like your mom and I would be interesting together in a store, nitpicking at how badly the clothing is made LOL!

    • Thanks, Flo!
      Yeah lol… I showed my husband a picture of a Lea that had villainous eyebrows and he thought I should get one to be the antagonist in photo stories. XD
      YES, I agree! Those pj’s look like a summertime romper or something! When they first leaked, I didn’t think they were pj’s at all. I’m not a fan of the slippers, either.
      Lol, I can imagine! Yeah, that was really disappointing to see.

  2. Instead of Elf on a Shelf you could have a Margay on the Mantle!
    Loved your comment about the “determined” eyebrows!
    I enjoyed the close up of the fruit stand. Brianna’s grandma is amazing with wood and paint, and I am hoping she will let her have a crack at making one instead of saving for a year to buy one (Brianna saving, not me!)
    I can’t wait to get to a store in person.

    • LOL, that’d be so cute! Now I want to make him a little elf hat…
      That’s awesome! I bet it’d be a lot nicer made out of wood, too. Like, I get that plastic is cheaper and lighter, but wood just looks SO much nicer.

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