Samantha’s Special Day Dress

Samantha’s Special Day Dress | American Girl

Happy 2016! To celebrate the new year (and my birthday in a few days), I decided to get Marinette and Arista out of their pj’s and into the new dresses my parents got me for Christmas.

Samantha’s Special Day Dress was made for Marinette!

Marinette in Samantha's Special Day Dress

A Dream in Minty Green!

This dress has been on my wish list since it first appeared. I love the light aqua and rich rose combination – and it works really well with Marinette’s dark blue hair.

To be honest, I was a little worried the blue/black wig would make it so that only a few colors would look good on Marinette, but deep blue really does work well with a lot of different colors (I guess that’s why so many colors go well with jeans, right?).

Anyway, back to this cute ensemble!

Marinette in Samantha's Special Day Dress

Topped with a Bow

The bow was a little difficult to get on (and it slipped off a couple of times), but I think it’s staying on okay now. It’s a pretty massive bow and sticks up a little at first, but it does finish off the dress nicely. The belt is made from the same material and ties in a bow at the back of the dress.

The dress is made from cotton in a sweet floral print and trimmed in rows of lace. The drop waist and gathered front really give the dress an elegant look, and the tiny scalloped edges of the sleeves are a nice added surprise.

The tights are pretty standard – and I kind of wonder how a lacier pair would have looked (maybe it would be too much?) – but the cherry red mary janes are too cute!

Marinette looks like she’s ready to spent an afternoon in a rose garden, sipping tea and eating little cakes with her friends. I’m very happy to have this dress in my collection! JenniferSig


2 thoughts on “Samantha’s Special Day Dress

  1. Happy Birthday 🌹🍰🎉
    What better way to celebrate than with a party dress! Will your girls-formerly-known-as-Grace be baking a gateau?

    • Thank you, Jen! 🙂
      Oooh, that would be a good photostory! Maybe I’ll have them make me a belated b-day cake. We had some ants make their way to our second bedroom (where a few dared to crawl on my AG stuff), so I’ve got most of my collection sealed up for now until exterminators come. I’m so over these stupid ants!

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