Happy New (Girl of the) Year!

Grace Thomas

Grace Thomas, Girl of the Year 2015 (a.k.a. Sienna)

I’m a little sad that Grace Thomas’s year is over! I’ve really, really LOVED her story and her collection! As much as I love the Isabelle doll, her story and a lot of her collection just didn’t strike the same chord with me that Grace’s has.

Had I not been in the process of creating my mini me when Grace debuted, I might’ve gotten her and kept her as-is. But, when I saw this year’s Girl of the Year in person at AGP and discovered that her hair was exactly the same color as mine, I decided to be crazy and buy her for her wig (with plans to turn her into another custom, of course).

I was using #53 as the base for my mini me, and I hadn’t felt too bad about removing her wig, because it wasn’t that great to begin with. But Grace was so cute, I felt a little bad removing her wig – especially when I hit the areas where the glue was especially strong. Ultimately, I’m glad I did. I love how my first two customs turned out!

Paris ApronArista






Sienna and Arista – Neither would’ve been possible without Grace!

Isabelle and Marinette baking

Marinette, too!

And of course, I can’t forget about the second Grace who became my third custom doll, Marinette! She underwent a few more changes – freckle removal and additional face paint – but I’m just as happy with how she turned out.

Grace’s collection has been just as cute as she is! When I saw Grace’s Baking Set, I. Freaked. Out. A few years ago, I had saved up and bought my own (hot pink) stand mixer and I really wanted to get one for my dolls, too. Luckily, I was able to get it when the set went on sale for 50% off. Once I figure out a good place to set up for photos, you can bet you’ll be seeing it often!

I passed on Grace’s bakery, cart, and bistro set, but only because I didn’t have the money or space for them. They’re all really nicely designed!

My husband got me her city outfit for Valentine’s Day (rather fitting, yeah?)

Sienna in Grace's City Outfit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And I was able to get her baking outfit from the pop-up shop, her pajamas from my mom, and her hairstyle set from my mom-in-law for Christmas.

Her movie was really cute (much better than Isabelle’s pity party) and even the random Paris-themed items that came out for her collection mid-year were sweet (the Eiffel Tower jewelry holder was a little lame, but not terrible).

All in all, it’s been a really fun year of collecting Grace and her things! But now it’s time for her to say au revior and for Lea to take her place as the new Girl of the Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! I hope it’s a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016 for all of us! And thank you for taking the time to read MINI MAD! I recently found out that this year, MINI MAD was viewed by people from 57 different countries! That blows my mind! So THANK YOU for stopping by and we’ll see you next year! 🙂JenniferSig


4 thoughts on “Happy New (Girl of the) Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you and the girls! I have to tell you that I’m glad you did Arista and Sienna because it gave me the guts to do Fiona. I don’t know if I would have tried it had I not seen your results!

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