Sparkle Spa Robe

Sparkle Spa Robe | American Girl

Before this stupid cold struck, my mom and I made another trip to our local pop up store. My husband had gotten me a gift card for Christmas and I had been debating on holding onto it and putting it toward something new coming out in 2016 or spending it at the store and getting something I could actually see in person (not to mention saving money on shipping charges). I ended up getting something that hadn’t even been on my radar, but I absolutely love – the Sparkle Spa Robe.

Arista in the Sparkle Spa Robe

I want this robe for myself! Make an adult version, AG!

LOVE this robe. It’s incredibly soft, plush and luxurious. It’s so nice, even my husband was impressed by the quality! The edges of the robe are finished with a soft fabric of the same blue-green color, with sparkly thread woven into it. The belt is also made of this fabric and stays tied surprisingly well!

Detail of the pocket

Side Pocket!

There’s a cute purple embroidered flower on the back and the front has a little working side pocket. Seriously, AG, can you please just make this in human size? The more I look at the robe, the more I find to love about it!

Arista in the Sparkle Spa Robe

So Comfy!

What’s really nice is for as fluffy as the robe is, it doesn’t make Arista look too “puffy”. It matches well with Grace’s pajamas (and I’m guessing a few other sets, too). And it’s a great way to make summery pajamas look like they work for winter as well.

Marinette and Arista in their pj's.

Ready for a Winter Slumber Party

And now both Marinette and Arista look like they’ll be warm enough during a winter slumber party!



2 thoughts on “Sparkle Spa Robe

  1. The girls look ready to ring in the New Year with a slumber party! That robe is cute, looks very cozy. I think someone else has gotten hooked on doll sized pajamas…

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