Being Artsy Fartsy Again… Again

Arista and Sienna both have their magazine clippings, so it’s only fair that Marinette should have one, too! And, since I caught a stupid cold and have been plopped on the couch, running through boxes of Kleenex, this seemed like a pretty good time to put one together…

Marinette MagazineHow Marinette’s magazine page might look if she were for sale (which she isn’t)*

This is a good start for her magazine page, but I’m not sure if this’ll end up being the final product. I’d still like to make her actual show outfit and she needs an accessory of some sort (maybe her sketchbook – that seems a little easier to make than her little sidekick, Tikki). I need to find a good spot for pictures, too. There are a few places I originally wanted to use as picture-taking spots, but then the ants moved in and that was that. Maybe once we can get rid of them completely (if that ever happens… ugh). Anyway, now Marinette is official haha! 😉


*No dolls, clothes, or accessories shown on this site are for sale.


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