Pajama Party – Isabelle’s pj’s, Fair Isle pj’s, Grace’s pj’s

Isabelle’s Pajamas, Fair Isle Pajamas, Grace’s Pajamas | American Girl

I love pajamas. If it’s the weekend or I have the day off, you will find me lounging in pj’s all morning long – especially when it’s as cold as it’s been outside lately.

And now, thanks to my mom, more of my dolls can enjoy lounging in pajamas, too! For Christmas, my mom got me Grace’s pajamas and the fair isle pajama set to complement the set of pajamas I got during Isabelle’s year (I just need two more sets and everyone can have a pair!).

Arista (with Tutu), Kanani, and Marinette

The Pajama-Clad Trio Plus Attention-Hungry Tutu

Kanani models Isabelle's pjs

Kanani in Isabelle’s Pajama Set

I bought Isabelle’s pajamas at AGP after falling in love with them in person. I had no intention of buying them at first because I thought I’d never have a reason to put my dolls in pajamas. And then I saw the display for Isabelle’s PJs and the slippers were so freaking cute and there was definite mix ‘n’ match potential with the shirt and headband, and suddenly, the box just leaped into my shopping bag and the rest is history! 😉

I’ve used the shirt and headband a few times for various outfits, but overall, I think my favorite part of this set is the fuzzy slippers. They’re just so cute! And they look really comfy. I definitely wouldn’t mind a pair for myself! (And had I known last year that XL can fit an adult size 8-9 for most slippers, I might’ve bought myself a pair!)

Marinette models fair isle pajamas

Fairest of Them All Isle

I love these Fair Isle Pajamas! (They actually remind me a lot of some of the ones you can find at Victoria’s Secret.) I’d definitely wear these if they came in adult sizes! They’re simple and comfy – and pink! They look fantastic on Marinette (especially with her dark blue hair). The slippers are really nice, too. The faux fur trim is very soft and fluffy. I also love the detail on the shirt – the top undone button gives it a nice (and realistic) touch.

Arista models Grace's pajamas

Bows from head to toes!

I’m so happy my mom got me these pajamas! I really love the design on the pants! The top feels almost slightly big to me – the straps are set pretty wide apart and the back only closes at the top, so it’s not as fitted – but once you have it placed the way you want, it does sit nicely. The slippers are really cute, too – I love the bows!

I now have Marinette and Arista – still in their pj’s – displayed in the den along with some of the sleepover snacks (and Tutu). They look all set for New Year’s Eve! (Some people like to get dressed up and party before the ball drops, I prefer ringing in the new year by being comfy! 😉 )JenniferSig


4 thoughts on “Pajama Party – Isabelle’s pj’s, Fair Isle pj’s, Grace’s pj’s

  1. Lol about your comment that you didn’t think you would need pajamas! In some ways I would rather let go of the fancy dresses than the pajamas.
    I caught that Fairest of them All reference 😉
    It looks like everyone is ready for a good New Year’s Eve… Loved Tutu on her back.

  2. So cute! I’m a sucker for doll pj’s, all of my girls have a set. My sister has the fair isle ones and she has used the pieces as mix and match casual items too.

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