More of Marinette

Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Custom American Girl Doll (Grace Thomas doll with freckles mostly removed, added face paint, and blue/black wig from Zazou Dolls)


Just a quick post! I finally took pictures of Marinette with my camera…


Marinette loves polkadots. ♥

Until I make her regular clothes, this combination has a pretty similar feel to her usual outfit. The leggings and shoes are pretty close, and judging by her obvious love of pink, black and polkadots, she’d probably have an apron like this.

Marinette close up

Close Up

The real Marinette’s eyeshadow doesn’t fan out quite as far as I’ve done on my Marinette, but she also has long eyelashes that spread out to the sides and give a similar look. I just didn’t trust myself to make lots of thin eyelashes like hers.

Isabelle and Marinette baking

It’s macaron time!

Marinette’s not really seen baking in the show (yet?), but I think she’d enjoy it. It’s probably a given with a last name like “Dupain” (“of the bread”).

Sienna and Marinette

Formerly!Grace 1 and 2

Now that Marinette is complete, it’s interesting to compare her to Sienna. They look pretty different from Grace and from each other for both starting out as the same doll.

At this point, my customs outnumber my regular dolls! Last year I was debating making one and this year I somehow ended up with three! I’m happy with how all three have turned out, though. Definitely some fun (albeit a little nerve-wracking) projects.


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