Meet Marinette!

Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Custom American Girl Doll (Grace Thomas doll with freckles mostly removed, added face paint, and blue/black wig from Zazou Dolls)

I already started to introduce my newest custom in my last post, but today she’s pretty much complete, so…!

Introducing Marinette Dupain-Cheng!

(I’ll take better pictures of her soon. These are from my phone.)

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Je suis Marinette!

To recap, Marinette started out as a Grace Thomas doll that I got while AG had their amazing 20% off sale going on. I thought Grace would be a perfect base for Marinette because she has a very similar face shape and the same blue eyes, and both come from a family of Parisian bakers! Marie-Grace would’ve been another good option, but more expensive.

I removed Grace’s freckles, then gave her a new blue/black wig from Zazou Dolls.

Yesterday, I glued the wig on – and I made the mistake of trying to “test” it before it was fully cured. And then had to re-glue part of it and let it cure for the full two hours it needed. But, after those two hours, the wig was nice and secure! She still needed something, though…

Marinette close up

Eyeshadow – the finishing touch!

I used Photoshop to test out different makeup configurations for Marinette – eyeshadow only, defined eyeshadow, light eyeshadow, eyeshadow and eyelashes, just eyelashes… and finally settled on eyeshadow only. I mixed together two shades of brown acrylic paint with fabric medium and carefully painted it on in the “creases” of her eyelids.

Painting eyeshadow

Must… make eyeshadow… even… *gulp!*

I practically held my breath the entire time I was painting. I was SO afraid of smearing the paint or messing up in some way! I think both sides turned out pretty even! I’m happy with the color, too. It’s a cooler brown that works well with her skin tone and the blue of her eyes and hair. The fabric medium made it harder to smooth out the paint, and up close you can see some of the brush strokes, but I’ll just pretend she’s using cream eyeshadow.

I’m really pleased with how she turned out! I’ll probably take a break before I work on making her clothes, though. Today’s rain brought a lot of the ants living in our walls into our bathroom and kitchen. Yaaaaay… But at least Marinette turning out well is a good distraction from our tiny invaders. Now if only she could transform into Ladybug and get rid of these ants for us!JenniferSig


6 thoughts on “Meet Marinette!

  1. She looks great! I think her eyeshadow is perfect too, I hear you on being nervous with that kind of thing.

    Ugh to ants. Rain brings them out here too, they are so gross! We used a flea spray that was pet safe on them, and it not only killed them, but it seemed to keep them away, we just left where we had sprayed sit for several days before mopping it up. We got it at Dollar General, I was impressed at how well it worked. We actually bought it when we had a flea issue a while ago and found it worked on all sorts of insects.

  2. I love it! She looks more grown-up but nothing over the top like a Barbie dolls’ makeup. She reminds me a little of Lois Lane too. I admire your daring attitude to try the project.
    Good luck w the ants … Nature can be very inconvenient!!

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