“Lady Luck” Gets New Locks

Codename: Lady Luck | Custom American Girl Doll (Grace Thomas base)

“Lady Luck” is looking a little different today! All thanks to her new ‘do from Zazou dolls. I ordered this curly blue/black mix wig from her and it arrived yesterday!

Blue and Black Wig

Hair like midnight

This wig is typically used to make custom Evie (of Disney’s Descendants fame) dolls, but it also works well for one of my new favorite characters. I have tumblr to blame for introducing me to this particular character. Someone had posted fan art of her and her partner, and they looked so interesting, I had to learn more about them.

…Which turned into scouring the internets and finding an anime test trailer, 3D cartoon episodes in French and Korean, English dub clips, more fan art and fan fics… By the time the series debuted in the U.S., I was hooked!

This character is just SO darn cute, and I feel like I can relate to her on a few different levels. She likes to design, draw and sew, and she’s really good at letting her nerves get the best of her – whether it’s having a hard time finding the right words to say (and having them come out completely wrong) or jumping to the worst possible conclusion (I do this way more often than I’d like to admit). Luckily, she’s got friends and family who boost her confidence when she needs it most. She also has a not-so-secret crush on someone who’s charming, but pretty silly and mischievous.

I am seriously head-over-heels for this series.

But enough fangirling! Back to “Lady Luck” and her wig!

My first encounter with a Grace wig was almost a year ago, but I still remember how difficult it was to remove, and haven’t been that eager to do it again. Buuuuuut… the arrival of this new wig was excellent motivation! Since I still haven’t found the dessert spoon I used before (it’s in one of these boxes… somewhere… maybe…), I decided to try pulling carefully and using non-acetone nail polish remover on the hard-to-remove spots (basically the entire top of her head). There really wasn’t that much glue around the edge of the wig, but MAN, the top was incredibly secure!

A little over an hour later, it was off with the old…

Wigless Grace

Bye-bye, pretty brunette wig

…and on with the blue!

Grace with Blue Wig

Ooh la la!

I still need to glue down and style her new wig, but she looks pretty good so far! Now if I can just figure out which box has the tacky glue… /cry

I really like the dark blue hair and medium blue eyes combination! I was a little worried at first that her hair might stand out too much and you’d completely miss the rest of her face. But the blue/black mix isn’t overpowering – and best of all, the color is spot on!

Or should I say “spots on!” 😉


photo: Miraculous Ladybug wikia

Yup, my new custom is going to be based off of none other than Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the everyday form of the superheroine, “Ladybug,” from the new cartoon series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (also known as Miraculous Ladybug).

Fair warning, the English dub is a liiiiiittle heavy-handed with the cheesiness and uses phrases like “evilize,” “de-evilize,” “off the chain,” and “pound it.” But, it’s still really cute and does some interesting things, story-wise. It’s somewhat reminiscent of shows like Cardcaptor Sakura or Sailormoon – nostalgic and new all at once! You can watch the first episode for free on Nick.com, but it’s not too hard to find the subtitled French and Korean episodes on YouTube under “miraculous ladybug.”

I’m still debating whether or not to add more paint to her face – possibly darkening her eyebrows, maybe adding some eyeshadow or eyeliner. Once I get her wig glued and styled, maybe I’ll be able to figure out what else I want to do. But first, I gotta hunt down that glue!JenniferSig


3 thoughts on ““Lady Luck” Gets New Locks

  1. Cool! I can’t wait to see how she turns out. I do think some eye makeup is in order. I just posted a new post over at my blog that has my sister’s doll, Trudy, she is a custom AG that has had some work done around her eyes, it gives her a completely different look. Perhaps that will give you some ideas.

  2. I love this show too! My kids found it on YouTube and I love to watch it with them. I am going have to keep reading to how this turns out🙂

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