Earrings for Kanani and Thoughts on the OC Store

It’s been SO nice having an American Girl store closer to me – I don’t want the pop up shops to close! I’ve gotten spoiled not having to deal with a long, annoying drive to the LA store just to be able to see things in person! One of the AG employees present at the Orange County store’s grand opening said something along the lines of American Girl having to look at overall Southern California sales, because they didn’t want to “cannibalize” LA’s sales, but y’know what Mr. Suit and Pink Tie Guy? Had the pop up shop not been around, I never would’ve bought Grace’s Baking Outift, a second Grace doll, or gotten her ears and now Kanani’s ear’s pierced!

Kanani's New Earrings

Kanani, Now with 10% more bling

Yep, Kanani’s got some new bling! I blame my mom for this. ♥ She’s been bringing in her dolls to have their ears pierced, and although I waffled back and forth on whether I really needed to spend the money, I ultimately decided Kanani would look amazing with earrings – and so she does!

Proximity aside, I have mixed feelings about the Orange County store. Some of the people there are really sweet. The two women who helped me with Kanani’s earrings were great to work with – super nice and did a great job with the piercings. But some of the other employees are a bit… prickly.

Sorry, but if I’m going to spend good money on a doll, I’m going to take my time finding the best one. If that means pulling multiple boxes off the shelf and comparing them with each other until I find the Grace with the best paint, I’m gonna do it!

I’ll admit, at first glance, all dolls do look alike. But sometimes there are little things you don’t spot until after you’ve paid and brought them home. Of the Graces I looked at, some had asymmetrical lips, some had a more excited look, some had a more sleepy look, and some even had slight eye-wonk. I’m really happy with the one I got because I took the time to find the look I liked best.

Besides that – if I’m spending time and effort to look through several dolls, it’s pretty freaking likely I’m going to buy one. And when someone’s interested in buying your product, it’s generally not a good idea to do or say something that’s going to have a negative effect on your customer’s mood – like literally hovering over them or telling them “they’re all the same”. And that’s where I think the LA store actually does a better job. I’ve only been there twice, but I didn’t have any salespeople hovering over me or trying to hurry me along – or giving me weird looks for being an adult doll collector, for that matter.

Tl;dr – The OC location is awesome, but their customer service needs some work. /endrant

Anyway, as nervous as I was to get Kanani’s ears pierced since she’s both retired and typically pretty expensive, I’m glad I did. I usually have her hair braided, so it’ll be easy to see whatever earrings she’s wearing.

Kanani and Arista

Ready to bake!

I have her with Arista and Mr. Bennett in the den, ready to bake some cookies. 🙂 One of these days, I’ll get back to creating scenes again. But first I’ve gotta stop procrastinating and get these boxes unpacked and out of the way! 😉JenniferSig


8 thoughts on “Earrings for Kanani and Thoughts on the OC Store

  1. Cool! I was excited to find that my used Kanani had her ears pierced already, one less thing to worry about.

    That’s a shame that the OC store folks aren’t a bit friendlier, definitely something that should be worked on. I remember during my first visit to the Columbus store, there was a little girl picking out her first doll and the store employee sitting on the floor beside her, showing her different things. I thought that was really nice. And no, they all don’t look the same! That’s one of the reasons I like buying used ones from Ebay sometimes, the chances of me getting the look I want is better than if I just buy a brand new one from AG.

    • Oh nice! That is lucky! 😀

      Yeah, come to think of it, I didn’t really notice any of them interacting with kids that much. They were mostly talking to the parents while the kids entertained themselves by walking around the store. That’s nice to hear that the Columbus employees care about making it a memorable experience. 🙂

      Yeah, that’s true! I do wonder if anyone’s ever returned a doll they ordered online saying they didn’t like the face haha.

  2. I was just at the American Girl store in Boston (Natick) on Friday. They absolutely do not fuss with you there, though the service in the bistro was good, as always.

    Unbelievably, they had a 20% off in store promotion going on, and I got Maryellen for 20% off! The actual doll/book! That never happens. I mean, I’ve never seen it before.

    Anyway … Kanani does look good with earrings. She’s a beauty. I thought I’d be able to resist Maryellen, but no. Not in person. Her hair is a slightly weird shade of peach blonde, but overall she’s a stunner. And that goes well with her aqua sweater shrug.

    The Seaside Diner is impressive. If I had room, I might consider getting larger items like that. But I have very little room where I’m currently at, and ought to get busy putting up shelves to display the dolls soon before they end up at the bottom of the closet, with my worldly goods stacked on them. They deserve a better fate than that!

    • Oooh, glad to hear the Boston store’s got good customer service!

      Yeah! I’m surprised they did that, too! I got a second Grace to customize and my mom finally broke down and got Rebecca haha.

      Yeah, I almost wish Maryellen’s hair was a bit more red. Maybe they wanted her to be redhead, but didn’t want it to be too close to #61’s hair. I agree, she’s super cute. I’m glad they went with the ponytail, too!

      They did such a nice job with it! I know what you mean – I wish I had a whole room I could dedicate to AG furniture (and the money to buy it all with hahaha). They make way too many cute things!

      • I’m going back to the AG store on my 50th birthday, because yes, that’s just what I want to do on my birthday DARN IT! Going to get a Lea for sure, I can’t resist even though I really don’t care for any of her clothes. That hut she has is adorable but I’ve got no room. 🙂

      • I think that’s a fantastic way to spend a birthday! I did that for my birthday last year. XD You won’t be sorry, Lea is even prettier in person. Yeah, I’m not too big on her clothes either. I like her hiking outfit shirt though. Yes! That hut is so darn cute!! It’d be neat if they made something like that that had the ability to fold up when not in use.

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