Mini Sailor Moon Plush


Mini Plush Sailor Moon |  found at an anime convention

Arista with Sailor Moon plush

Collecting plushies by daylight…

It’s been a while since my last post! I’m not exactly sure how the time flew by so fast, but it consisted of busy times at work, a mini staycation to celebrate my husband’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary, seeing family, and watching lots of When Calls the Heart (it’s cheesy, but I kind of love it!)! There may be some more busy weeks ahead, but I’ll try not to let another month go by between posts!

My husband and I recently went to an anime convention and spent the majority of the time weaving through the Dealer’s Hall, finding all sorts of neat things. One of the treasures I found was this mini Sailor Moon plush! It’s really supposed to be a bag accessory, but it looks a lot like the old Sailor Moon UFO catcher plushes (but in perfect American Girl scale). I actually lucked out and got the very last one at this particular stall.

Sailor Moon plush

Moon… mini… cuteness… OVERLOAD!


I grew up watching Sailor Moon on Toonami (Cartoon Network). My cousins, sister and I each had a different favorite scout (though, if I remember correctly, no one actually liked Sailor Moon the best haha). My favorite is still Sailor Venus. She’s just so warm, friendly, fun and a little goofy; how can anyone not love her!?

Sailor Venus

The BEST scout (in my humble opinion), Sailor Venus!

Today, Arista is channeling Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus’ love of all things sweet and romantic.

Arista's OOTD

Love and Beauty Frock

Top: Isabelle’s meet t-shirt

Skirt: Isabelle’s sparkly skort with ballet tutu layered on top

Shoes: Flats from Grace’s City Outfit

Accessories: Headband from Grace’s City Outfit, Grace’s heart earrings with Eiffel Tower dangles

Maybe once I’m a little more advanced at sewing, I’ll try to make a sailor scout costume for her (or if I’m feeling really ambitious, sailor fuku for everyone!). In the meantime, it’s back to getting ready for the start of another busy week.



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