OOTD – Ombréd Gray

Outfit of the Day – Arista

Arista's Outfit of the Day

Ombred Gray on a Cloudy Day

Tops: Grace’s Meet Tee, Tee from Saige’s Sweater Set

Shorts: Shorts from Grace’s City Outfit

Shoes: Sparkly Black Flats

Accessories: Grace’s Meet Charm Bracelet, Rosy Glasses, Star Stud Earrings

It’s been very “May gray” here lately, which I actually really love. Gray days just feel very chill to me – perfect for being cozy indoors and doing something fun. My job and my husband’s job can get pretty hectic at times, so it’s nice to have a chance to relax on the weekends.

Arista’s look mimics the gray weather with a white to gray to black ombre of color. The pop of pink from her shirt is repeated in her rosy glasses. I actually have a pair that’s almost exactly like these, so my parents made sure I got the mini version for my mini me! Like me, Arista doesn’t wear her glasses for prolonged periods of time (she and I prefer the freedom of contacts), but sometimes when she’s just chillin’ indoors, she opts to keep them on all day. Arista’s sparkly black flats have the right amount of comfy and dressy to match the nicer fabric of her shorts. And her silver jewelry adds a nice finishing touch and brings an additional hint of sparkle.

Arista's Outfit of the Day

Tiny Tokidoki!

Gray days are great for looking through your collections! Arista likes to collect Tokidoki figures. These Japanese-inspired creations are actually the work of Italian artist Simone Legno. His creatures are a fun mix of animals, food, and plants – like these cactus pups and cactus kitty. These particular ones just the right scale for 18″ dolls and look a lot like their larger counterparts. Once my husband and I can get into a bigger place, I’d love to make a doll-sized bookshelf that can store all of my doll’s collectibles. Collectibles for my collectibles, how weird is that haha!

Tutu with toys

Toys for Tutu?

And, as cats are wont to do, Tutu thinks these must be for her to play with… 😉



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